WATCH: This Guy’s Haireography is #HairGoals

I’m such a big fan of the many creative things Filipinos come up with.

We’ve seen all sorts of choreography which make use of different parts of the body, but this is the first time we’ve encountered “haireography”!

It’s pretty cool. He said he planned to cut his hair shorter prior to making the video, but we’re glad he didn’t! So much sass with that hairstyle, dude!

I’ve been coloring my hair a lot which is why it’s not always exactly in its best state. If I do the haireography, I don’t think it would look as sassy as this one. Lol. #HairGoals, please.

Gotta love his creativity and, well, his ability to keep on whipping his hair like that. I would’ve gotten dizzy at once but he kept being cool.

Do you have your own haireography version? Share them with us!