WATCH: This Cat’s Tricks Will Amaze You!

Whoever said cats are only good at sleeping, grooming and eating should think twice because here’s a furry feline that begs to differ. This kitty will prove everyone that cats can do so much more than that without a single word and purely through actions.

Watch this video below.

The cat shown on the clip is Didga of the well-known YouTube channel called Catmantoo. Didga used to live in an animal shelter until her paw parent, Robert Dolwett, adopted her.

On his blog, Robert explained the idea behind Catmantoo and teaching Didga all these tricks. “I was hoping to dispel many of the myths associated with cats, i.e. like they can’t be “trained”, they need to roam to be happy, they need to be declawed so they don’t scratch the furniture and many other myths. The cat I was looking to adopt was going to be an ambassador for shelter cats, so I needed a confident cat to teach amazing things to, this will help bring attention to my channel and the causes”, he shared.

And true to his words, Robert and Didga did it. Through their online pages, the two of them promote cat adoption and responsible pet parenthood. At the same time, they also inspire more cat pawrents to train their cats through positive reinforcement and methods.

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