WATCH: These Chickens Can Play The Xylophone!

Do you know how to play at least one musical instrument?

If you don’t, then these 11 chickens are officially more talented than you, musically speaking, because they can play the xylophone.

Yup, this is probably the oddest and cutest chicken-related thing you’ve seen today.

This video uploaded by Kris Garrett of her chickens playing the xylophone has already reached over 900,000 views, 4,000 reactions, and 21,000 shares. Their official band name is “The Empty Nest Band”, as shared by Kris on a post.

Here’s another video of Princess, one of Kris’ chickens, performing solo.

Such talent, right?

Time to learn how to play an instrument because if these chickens can, then so can you!

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