WATCH: The Funny Reactions of American Kids Trying Filipino Food

“I pray to God that you won’t let me eat this.”

What happens when you serve American kids Filipino food? Hilarity. That’s what.

In this video made by YouTube Channel WatchCut Video, they served American Kids traditional Filipino food and filmed their reactions. The kids were served tuyo, dinuguan, taho, andof coursebalut.

The kids’ reactions varied. Some couldn’t believe they ate “pig’s blood” or dinuguan, but some loved it! “I don’t know why, but it kind of tastes good,” the girl in the video said, laughing. The producer asked her, “why do you like pig’s blood?” To which she happily replied, “I have no idea!”

And with the balut, one cute little boy asked, “does it hatch?” (We hope not!)

Many of these kids are part-Filipino, but guessing from their funny reaction, they’ve haven’t tasted much food from their motherland yet. Until now. Watch:

What other Filipino food do you think these kids should try? Share your suggestions in the comments!

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