WATCH: Pinoy Couple Got Engaged At A Coldplay Concert And It Was A Sky Full Of Love!

Coldplay will be in Manila in just a few days! Fans all over the country are already so eager to see the rock band. But with ticket prices at an all-time high, some fans decided to just watch them live in other neighboring countries.

A couple of these fans were singer-songwriter Ansyl Yap and Luis Feliciano. For Ansyl, the trip to Singapore was only to watch Coldplay live in concert. Little did she know that Luis was planning for it to be the start of an adventure of a lifetime.

The couple was enjoying the concert just like any other fan. That was until the band started playing one of their greatest hit songs, “Fix You.”

Luis took that as a cue to bend down on one knee and ask Ansyl to be his wife. Ansyl said yes.

As Coldplay and the whole crowd sang the chorus in the background, Ansyl couldn’t help but cry as she embraced her fiance.

Honestly, tears were streaming down my face, too.

Check out the beautiful proposal below:

That was definitely a magical way to get engaged, and I’m sure that it feels like paradise. Doesn’t this proposal make you want something just like this?

Congratulations, Ansyl and Luis!

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