WATCH: Mother’s Priceless Reaction to Her Son Paying Off Their Mortgage

When life gets busy, it’s pretty easy to forget certain things in life, like striving to make our parents happy.

Well, netizen Mark Bryan Cruz reminds us of how important and how fulfilling it can be to make our mothers happy.

Basically, Mark surprised his mother for her birthday by paying their mortgage loan in full. Due to some financial constraints, the interest on the loan had accumulated last year and his mother prayed to be redeemed. In this video, you will see Mark’s mom touching a Title (she is partially blind) and her priceless reaction to the news that their loan had been paid off:

Mark shares, “My mom burst into tears when she received her birthday gift. Being partially blind, I know you are living in a dark world, but I hope that somehow, on your special day, I shed some light as you received your earnest request. I love you and will always love you.”

“I hope this can inspire people to love their mothers,” Mark adds. What is the sweetest gift you’ve ever given your mom? 🙂