5 Wallet-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (Giveaway Closed)

When in Manila enjoys celebrating special occasions. During the start of April, we had our own fair share of fun during April Fools. But as we approach May, we’re now looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day. Thoughtful gifts don’t need to be expensive, so we came up with five gift ideas. Some of them might take a bit more time and preparation compared to a quick run in the department store, but we hope your moms would appreciate the personalized touch to these gifts!

5.) A reinvented letter



This gift idea was inspired by the sweet gift of a boyfriend who made 365 handwritten notes for his girlfriend. You could make a  similar jar, only this time, a bit more mom-appropriate. What about trying yellow notes for moments and memories, green notes for her words of wisdom, and pink for the times she supported you?

4.) A new DIY Wall Art



Lots of moms complain about a messy house. I’ve even heard moms daydreaming of renovating their house. A renovation may be a bit over our budgets, so here’s an alternative!

The first photo is from earlgreyblog.com It isn’t only a neat Instagram wall. It also functions as a calendar! You could use her favorite photos to fill in the days of the month.

The second photo is a DIY gift that redefines what it means to have photos framed! They’re not only personalized, but also gives your mom’s room a pop of colors and nostalgia.

3.) Something Matching





I’ve always been a sucker for matching accessories, especially if they’re customizable. It’s not the first time I’m recommending Sweet Charms Manila as a gift, because it’s one of those items I really enjoy giving and receiving. Their items are durable, creative, and customizable. You get to choose what charms you want to use, what shape of lockets you want, what color you want, and more. The people who I’ve gifted with an item from Sweet Charms Manila have always really liked it because of how the charms always represent something dear to them. 



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