7 Online April Fool’s Jokes in the Philippines that Fooled Us All

Ahhh. April Fool’s Day. I still remember the days when all that April Fool’s Day entailed was placing a plastic cockroach in someone’s bag of chips or prank calling people on a landline phone all day. That is no longer the case in today’s day and age, though. No. Today, people go through great lengths to think up great April Fool’s Day jokes – ones that people will remember for days to come.

I personally avoided social media on April 1, so as not to fall victim to the slew of jokes and pranks that were sure to come my way. Unfortunately, they all still showed up on my Newsfeed the day after and it was even worse for me because I didn’t realize they were all posted on the dreaded day of fools. Here are 7 of the best April Fool’s jokes that stood the test of my Newfeed Timeline time just for you, so you won’t fall prey to them, either. :p


7 Online April Fool’s Jokes in the Philippines that Fooled Us All


7. Arctic Monkeys Concert in Manila

Arctic Monkeys Philippines’ Facebook page played with the Arctic Monkeys’ fans hearts by announcing that Arctic Monkeys would finally, FINALLY have a concert in Manila this October. My heart jumped with intense joy and I shared the photo and the news with the world… and come on! Just check out those cheap-ish (for an MMI concert) prices!!!




Except it wasn’t true. Huhuhu. The poster was very well-made, though, don’t you think, what with the logos underneath and everything? I was seriously so ready to head to SM Tickets to buy my tickets until I realised the post was on April 1. I had to text my friends and explain my boo-boo. 🙁 Oh, why must you play with our hearts so? A lot of fans weren’t happy with the fake news, though, even going so far as reporting the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ArcticMonkeysPH?pnref=story). All’s fair in April Fool’s and war, though!


6. PH to Adopt Right-Hand Drive in 2016

autoindustriya.com reported that Pinoys would have to start learning to drive on the left side of the road and the right side of their cars because a shift to the right-hand drive would be implemented next year. With other Asian countries like Singapore and Thailand already driving that way and with their statement that a lot of cars are already built for that kind of driving, the fake news totally made sense.


How to Get Over the Fear of Driving


Most people caught on to the prank, though others weren’t pleased by the idea. Read the full article here: https://www.autoindustriya.com/auto-industry-news/ph-to-adopt-right-hand-drive-in-2016.html How would you feel if this was actually implemented?


5. Vic Sotto as Doctor Who

We posted our own ‘spoof’ on April Fool’s Day on an upcoming Tagalog version of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ starring John Lloyd Cruz and Maja Salvador. Well, What’s a Geek posted this as their April Fool’s joke of the day:




Admit it: a spoof of ‘Doctor Who’ starring Vic Sotto totally looks like something the Philippine TV networks would actually do. :p I’m not sure who was more upset by the articles: the hardcore Fifty Shades fans or the Whovians. Read the full article here: https://www.whatsageek.com/tv/gma-7-pinoy-doctor-who


4. NCAA Bans Tekken 7 in the Philippines

After it was announced that Tekken 7 had added its first Filipino character, Josie Rizal, to their roster of fighters, Definitely Filipino posted an article on April 1 stating that the NCCA banned the game from Filipino stores due to the bitterness of a certain ‘Dr. Almoranas’.


Tekken 7 Introduces Filipina Fighter Josie Rizal  

Outraged gamers left comments making fun of Dr. Almoranas’ name, while others expressed their anger saying there are bigger problems that they should focus on. But woosah. ‘Twas all but a joke. Read the full article here: https://definitelyfilipino.com/blog/2015/03/31/ncca-issues-tro-against-tekken-7-from-ph-stores-because-of-the-first-filipino-fighters-portrayal/


3. Jovit Baldivino Replaces Zayn Malik in One Direction

Following the news that Zayn Malik would not be at the One Direction concert in Manila and then the news that he was leaving One Direction to live the life of a normal 22-year-old, we at WhenInManila.com started musing about what it would be like if a Filipino ended up replacing Zayn. Thus the birth of the Jovit Baldivino article: One Direction Gets New Replacement for Zayn and He’s Filipino


One Direction


Wouldn’t it be awesome if Zayn was actually replaced by a Filipino, though? James Reid, anyone?


2. Starbucks Delivery in the Metro 

In other countries, Starbucks delivery is quite popular. I remember getting Starbucks delivered to the comforts of my own home in Bangkok, but here? Nuh-uh. You have to go to Starbucks to get your coffee fix and unless you live near one, the withdrawal can get pretty intense (at least for me hehe). So, when pepper.ph announced that Starbucks was finally delivering… HALLELUJAH!




Except it was an April Fool’s joke, too. Boo hoo! Props to the fake ad that they made for it, too! It made the ‘news’ even more legit-looking. Read the full article here: https://www.pepper.ph/holy-crap-starbucks-now-delivers-in-metro-manila/


1. Yakult Litros Now Available in the Metro

Another bit of intensely heartbreaking ‘news’ – heartbreaking coz it isn’t true – sorry!!! 🙁 – that we released on April Fool’s Day is the news that Yakult Litros would now be available in the Metro. A much-loved drink, in general, die-hard Yakult lovers like myself will know the feeling of wanting to drink little bottle after little bottle after little bottle until… oh, wait? There’s no more? 🙁 When I lived abroad, Yakult was available in much bigger bottles, so Yakult Litros in Manila are my dream come true! The Litros were just wishful thinking, though. 🙁




Read the full article here: Yakult Litro: Your Favorite Drink is Better. Don’t give up hope, though! Keep tweeting, Facebook  and begging for it, and who knows? Yakult might get so overwhelmed, they may actually give in to our pleas! 😀


Thanks to today’s online generation, April Fool’s jokes have been taken up a huge notch. Did we miss out on any other awesome April Fool’s jokes online? Do share the links with us. We’d love to read them! 🙂