WATCH: How 5-Year-Olds with Different Faiths Pray

“What unites us is far greater than what divides us”, so goes the popular quote. In the case of this moving short film by The Mercadantes titled “Five”, faith is the unifying force, whatever it may be.

In “Five”, filmmakers Katina and Dante Mercadante showed how five five-year-old children from different countries practice their different faiths.The Mercadantes followed the children as they and their parents go about their daily lives and as they prepare before going to their places of worship.


The Mercandantes’ documentary “Five” will restore your faith in the future of humanity

The five children are Sivanya, a Hindu from India; Lonke, a Christian (Methodist) from South Africa; Daigo, a Buddhist from Japan; Yaseen, a Jewish from the United States; and Eli, a Muslim.

It is heartening to see how the five children, innocent and carefree as they were, practice their faiths. The docu-film shows them with their heads bowed down in solemn prayer and while giving their own offerings (incense, coin, song of praise, and flower).

The endearing images of the children in prayer or worship will make you think what all the fighting and arguing about religions are for. Sivanya, Lonke, Daigo, Yaseen and Eli will somehow restore your faith in the future of humanity.

Watch the documentary here:


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