Netizen Shares Encounter with Kind Man that Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

You thought random acts of kindness didn’t exist anymore? Netizen Ryan Madamba shares a story that might convince you otherwise. Here is the story, as originally shared on his Facebook page:

Kind Man that Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Faith in humanity refreshed.

I was at 711 earlier and saw this.

A mid-aged good samaritan buying food for a beggar. Their conversation was really nice and inspiring:

Beggar: Wala pa po gumagawa sa akin nito. Salamat po.

Good Samaritan: Okay lang yun, pero kung kaya mo, magtrabaho ka rin pero ngayon- dahil wala ka na makain- ano pa gusto mo? Kuha ka na rin ng tinapay at iba pang pwede mong kainin sa susunod na araw. Yan oh, kuha ka tatlong instant noodles.

Beggar: Naku wag na po. Okay na po to.

Good Samaritan: Basta halika na para di ka magutom pag lumakas ka na, tingnan mo kung ano na pwede mong gawin kahit basurero basta marangal at magtrabaho ka rin.

The good samaritan even took time to talk to him after. And he didn’t look like he had a lot, at a certain point I heard him say “di ako mayaman pero may commission ako ngayon kaya wag ka na mahiya. ”

This is compassion. This is Christ’s compelling love on display.

I don’t even do this. I usually just give food or totally ignore those who are begging but look like people who could work.

This opened my eyes and heart. With this care that was shown, I could only wish the beggar will really have the chance to work and pay it forward.

And praying that we will all have the heart to really help and show care just as we have been helped and cared for in the many different battles we have had.

Thank You Lord for this encounter. #711


What an incredible person! Have you ever encountered anything similar to this? Let us know in the comments!

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