WATCH: Game Of Thrones, A Musical by Coldplay

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan AND a Coldplay fan, here’s a treat for you: Presenting, the Game of Thrones Musical!


In what has been called “the greatest rock opera of all time,” the 12 minute documentary of the world famous band coming up with an original presentation of the iconic George RR Martin creation features even famous GOT actors singing along. Imagine Jon Snow, Daenerys, and even Tyrion singing!

The mother of dragons quips, “Gerorge RR Martin meets Chris Martin (of Coldplay), what could go wrong?” Apparently, a whole lot. What ensued was a whole lot of singing, a bunch of awkward moments, and interesting musical performances. 


Ygritte: “You know nothing, Chris Martin.”

GOTmusical-27 at 12.09.10 PM

A highlight is the “Red Wedding” medley. WATCH the whole video here:

Unfortunately, we find out towards the end that the whole thing is a comedy sketch for Red Nose Day. Personally, I’m a little disappointed that this isn’t happening. Are you?


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