WATCH: Foreigner Tries Balut for the First Time… and Absolutely Loves It!

It isn’t everyday you meet a foreigner who is willing to try balut. While a lot of my non-Filipino friends always ask about balut when they visit, it is very rare that they actually go out and try it. Not Sonny Side of the Best Ever Food Review Show, though! This guy tries everything, it seems. We last featured him trying Pig Ear, but he has also tried isaw and baby chicks before. This time, we’ve watched him trying balut at Commonwealth Market in Quezon City.

Sonny learns how to eat balut here because it’s his first time and they tell him to, of course, crack the egg open, drink the soup, peel the egg shell off, put some salt and vinegar on it (or just one of the two, or even none), and enjoy!

At first, Sonny says it kind of looks like brains; but after he bites into it, the look of delicious satisfaction on his face… priceless! He thought it was so good, in fact, he didn’t even care after seeing the feathers anymore. He even asked for another one. Watch his reaction here:

In the video, Sonny also suggests making deviled eggs with balut. Hmm. Yay or nay? What’s your favourite street food, by the way? 🙂 Got any videos of you trying it? Share them with us!

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