WATCH: Deaf People Hear Loved Ones For First Time

This one is right in the feels!

Imagine a world without sound. Everything you’ve ever known and experienced would be different. Imagine not knowing your mother’s voice, or going through your life without ever hearing your child sing.

That was the life Eugene, Isagani, and Jessa Mae lived. Until now. 

hearing or the 1st time

Last year, Spotify & Starkey Hearing Foundation provided hearing aids to hundreds on Palawan. Eugene, Isagani, and Jessa Mae were part of the program. This beautifully shot video shares with us their story. 

The look on their faces are priceless! This video reminds us to be thankful of what we have as not everyone is blessed and something as basic as hearing is a gift that not all of us has. 

What do you think of this beautiful video?