Urban Traveller & Co.: Transcending Functionality and Sophistication

Urban Traveller & Co. houses multiple unique brands that compliments each other’s functionality. Only one thing can be noticed from all of the brands. HIGH QUALITY.

Urban Traveller & Co.

Their collection of duffel bags, wallets, iPhone cases, brief cases, and laptop bags in their website makes me want to buy everything! Just try to surf their website and you’ll understand the feeling of needing everything you see. I’ve got to say, their website looks pretty neat, modern, sophisticated, and classy.

I got the chance to use their brand “Gnome and Bow” which has a very unique back story.

Urban Traveller & Co.

“The Gnome represents that elements of fantasy while the Bow symbolises the mark of class. Together, the harmony of these elements guide us in our design philosophy.” That mere story sold on me.

Here’s what I really loved about the bag:

5. A Bag That Tells A Story

Their debut collection “The Hare and the Flying Tortoise” tells the classic old tale of the race between the rabbit and the turtle. It’s actually imprinted in the strap located at the zippers of the bag so it looks like they are racing with each other! HOW SMART IS THAT!?

Gnome and Bow

The second collection is “Jekyll Or Hyde”. I’m so excited to get one!

It super fits my personality. I’m constantly reminded to always be one step ahead of the things I need to do and to stop being complacent or else I’ll lose a big opportunity.

4. Functionality

My Alden Folio Bag can fit my 13 inch laptop and still have some spaces for my notebook and a bunch of readings for class. The pouch in-front fits my laptop charger, earphones, and pens. Very useful for me because of my high-paced lifestyle where you have to bring a bag that can fit the things needed for work plus staying fashionable.

One hundred percent cotton twill lining to make sure that your items inside is protected and won’t break on you easily, you know, unlike your ex.

Urban Traveller & Co.

Urban Traveller & Co.

3. Value for Money

This timeless stallion will get you places. Bring this to your interview and it might even help you get the job. Isn’t that enough of an explanation that it’s a good investment?

Urban Traveller & Co.

8oz US Full Grain Leather enhances its durability to let your bag tell stories about your adventure. It’s made to last long periods of time and daily usage. The minimalist design fits perfectly to anyone.

Each bag also comes with a one-year warranty to make sure their bags are free from workmanship defects.

2. Instant Class and Sophistication

The design is exquisite and the engineering behind it is uncanny. I feel like I’m a businessman or lawyer everyday when I come in to work and school. When you go out and walk the streets of Makati, BGC, or hallway in the officeit’s sure to catch some eyes.

It’s a style for both men and women! You choose from different colors: Navy, Camel, or Camo!

Urban Traveller & Co.

Urban Traveller & Co.

1. The Quality is Incredible!

Guaranteed premium materials were used to create these products. Dense woven cotton fabrics that is soft to the touch which adds richness and sophistication to the bag. The older the bag gets the more character it has. To top it all off, it features antiqued brass hardware that perfectly suits the whole design and look of the bag!

Urban Traveller & Co.

“Bags that transcends functionality and effortless style and class.”

Buy this perfect gift for your special someone this Christmas!

Urban Traveller Co.