Urban Traveller & Co.: Introducing the Roll Top Waxed Twill Bag

Urban Traveller & Co.

There’s really something beautiful about traveling. More than just going from places to places, there are so much more you can take away from itthe thrilling experience, the breath-taking picturesque views embedded in your mind, the fulfillment of discovering things on your own about life, culture, yourself, and a whole lot more.

You really don’t need much when it comes to traveling. Most of the time, all you need is your trusty backpack and that is all it takes to make an adventure of a lifetime. One company promises you that ideal backpack for all your traveling needs. Meet Urban Traveller & Co.

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Urban Traveller & Co.

Urban Traveller & Co. believes in four things: durability, function, form, and value. All of those make up each and every curated product that they sell. That is their identity. They believe we are in constant motion and, wherever we go, their products are made to survive all the elements we may be facing. Though it may be pricey, the products are long-lasting and you would be sure that what you paid for is worth it. Urban Traveller & Co. makes sure that they give their customers the convenience and style that they are looking for. Having a tough and sturdy bag is a must whenever we travel, but looking good and making an impression is something the company can also offer.

Urban Traveller

Urban Traveller & Co. presents you one of their most bought product: the Roll Top Waxed Twill by Archival. This water-resistant backpack made in USA is perfect for those into cycling and outdoor traveling. It has a very minimalist design, spacious, and is large enough to carry your essentials. Its guaranteed durability lets you travel fashionably with the promise of leaving your bag unscathed. The bag’s roll-top format lets you adjust the bag’s size as desired and is intended to keep your things extra safe and dry as no rain/water can penetrate through it. The Roll Top Waxed Twill is suited for cyclists as the side pockets function well with U-Locks.

Urban Traveller & Co. Urban Traveller & Co.

Personal Verdict:

I went for a hike and decided to take the Roll Top Waxed Twill with me. The bag was perfect in size and in terms of capacity. All my traveling essentials were kept neatly and safely inside as I walked through the woods. The roll-top and leather strap also added the protection that I needed for my things. I accidentally brushed the bag against trees and stones countless times, but no marks/scratches were visible. I also loved its timeless look that made the adventure very picture-worthy as it is very suited for the outdoors. I tested out its water-resistance as well and, true enough, my things inside were 100% dry. Overall, this bag is something I would gladly take for those spontaneous adventures that calls for strenuous and active moments.

For you and your #EverydayCarry, redefine your adventures and check out Urban Traveller & Co.

Urban Traveller & Co.

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