Unique Salonga Just Released His Solo Debut Album, ‘Grandma’

Just a few months ago, Unique Salonga broke the hearts of IV of Spades fans all over the country by leaving the band behind without any real explanation for it.

Then, just last month, on the same day that IV of Spades released their first single without Unique in the band, Unique released a single of his own. It turns out that he had been working on a solo project – and his fans loved it.

Now, he’s back on the soundwaves, having released an entire album on Spotify yesterday to the delight and pleasant surprise of his fans.

The album is entitled ‘Grandma’, and fans have been raving about it all night. One fan, Jewel Ann Canales, says he is the best, while many have commended the song OZONE. Paul Jimenez says he got haunted by the song. “Although I think it’s the most upbeat/funky track of the album, I think it was written based on the Ozone disco tragedy,” Paul says.

Having released an album so quickly (and before his former band IV of Spades), it makes one thing how long he has been working on this. Has this been in the works even while he was in the band? Either way, it really showcases what a great songwriter Unique truly is.

The full album is currently up on Spotify and Unique is set to have a concert at the Kia Theatre on September 29. Have you heard the album yet? Which song is your favorite?

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