IV of Spades and Unique Salonga Release New Singles

In case you’ve been living under a rock, IV of Spades is one of the most sought-after Filipino bands of this year.

They made headlines a couple of months ago when their vocalist Unique Salonga left the Filipino band around at the peak of their fame.

This hasn’t slowed down the band, though. Despite the loss of their one-of-a-kind vocalist, the trio (consisting of Zild Benitez, Badjao de Castro, and Blaster Silonga) has still been performing and just yesterday, they debuted their new song as a trio on YouTube entitled ‘In My Prison’. Watch the music video here:


The music video is IV of Spades’ first song without Unique and it is currently the sixth trending video in the Philippines on YouTube with more than 468,000 views.

At almost exactly the same time, Unique Salonga also debuted his very first song as a solo artist under O/C Records and under the name UNIQUE entitled ‘Midnight Sky’. Watch his music video here:

The song has a very different take compared to his music with IV of Spades and his music video is currently at around 81,000 views.

We think both songs are great and will definitely be supporting both IV of Spades and UNIQUE from here on out. 🙂 What about you?