Unique Salonga Leaves IV of Spades

Whether you’re a fan of the Filipino band IV of Spades or not, you have probably heard all of their songs by now, i.e. ‘Hey, Barbara’, ‘Ilaw sa Daan’, ‘Where Have You Been, Disco’, and the unforgettable ‘Mundo’. After all, their songs can be heard playing on the radio a lot, as well as on a lot of your friends’ Spotify playlists during inuman sessions (aminin!).

Great music aside, IV of Spades is also known for their aesthetics. Not only are they always decked out in coordinated 70s-inspired clothes (polos, sunglasses – the works!); but their music has a unique sound to it, as well, bringing together disco and classic rock in a way we haven’t heard in a while. (Aside from that, I have a hard time not thinking about them in a heartbeat whenever I see the color orange. :p)

IV of Spades

The band consists of Unique Salonga on vocals and rhythm guitar, Zildjian Benitez on backing vocals and bass guitar, Blaster Silonga on lead guitar, and Badjao De Castro on drums… or at least, it used to. Just around an hour ago, IV of Spades released this statement on their Facebook page to the dismay of a LOT of their fans (me included):


It reads: “We are grateful everyday for your love and support. For the past weeks, the band felt the support at the live gigs around the country and online while waiting for Unique. Yesterday, May 4, we finally had the chance to talk as a band. Unique Salonga officially left the band to continue with his personal endeavors. Despite the circumstances, we will continue to create and share more music and to play on our shows in the coming weeks. We are IV of Spades. To God be the glory. – Zild, Badjao, Blaster”

Whether ‘personal endeavors’ means Unique will be pursuing a solo career still remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure: IV of Spades will not be the same without his voice. 🙁 Still, we wish you all the best, Unique, and hope to still see you around!