Ultimaker 2: The ultimate 3D printer

For years 3D printing has been a slowly but surely growing technology. 3D printing suddenly came about and only huge companies could harness this new technology. After some time, personal 3D printers finally started popping out. You could take home an Ultimaker 3D printer and start printing at home! The only problem with this was the rawness of the technology. 3D printing took hours or days to complete, difficulty in accuracy of the models you are printing, etc etc. It was all still new and fresh, too young of a technology at that time to fully enjoy and appreciate it for personal consumption. Thankfully, Ultimaker, finally has created a HUGE HUUUUUGE upgrade to its 1st Ultimaker 3D printing maching, the Ultimaker 2! See what’s new below.

The Ultimaker 2 is billed as one of the fastest and most accurate 3D printers. A well adjusted Ultimaker can reach speeds of 300mm/s which is x10 faster compared to other 3D printers. Ultimaker 2 has the highest resolution of all FDM 3D printers. It can print in resolutions of 300 microns/200microns/100 microns and up to 20 micron resolution. So yes, it is much faster than the 1st Ultimaker and is one of the fastest in the market. The density of the lines are also much more seamless. You can print in 20 micron resolution which almost makes all the 3D printing lines barely visible! Printing that usually takes a whole or half day can be done in hours with the Ultimaker 2.


Some other nicely added features of the Ultimaker 2 is the capability to print direct via SD card. You can just plug in your SD card, choose the file, then voila! Printing! Yep, there is a small screen in front for settings and selection of your print project, and it also shows the estimated time of how long it will take each print to finish. Creating your own designs for the Ultimaker 2 is very flexible as ALL types of 3D modeling/CAD programs WILL WORK with the Ultimaker 2. Same goes for the slicing software. ANY slicing software can work with the Ultimaker 2.



From printing phone cases, small figures, toy cars, small buildings, recreating your favorite spaceships, building your own deathstar, cosplaying as your favorite character by 3D printing his or her weapon, to even building lifesize cars, or printing your own skull from your x-ray! There are no limits on what you can do or create with the Ultimaker 2! Do you need a stand or a case? Make it! Do you need a certain part replacement which does not necessarily need to be metal? Build it! Even companies and businesses are using the Ultimaker 2! It may be pricey but I believe it is a worthy investment because of all the things you can do with it and also the savings you can do by making your own than having to buy. The Ultimaker 2 is priced at P169,990 and the additional spools for printing are priced at P3,290 for Green, Orange, Magenta, Red, and Yellow. And P3,390 for Blue. Each spool can print you hundreds and hundreds of prints depending on the size and microns. The Ultimaker 2 is on stock and available at Pismo Digital Lifestyle located at: Level 6 East Wing Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City


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