Type Kita Academy: Chalk Lettering Workshop with Kay Aranzanso

Type Kita Academy: Chalk Lettering Workshop with Kay Aranzanso

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When In Manila, learn all kinds of awesome stuff with Type Kita! 

Type Kita Academy is dedicated to everything about — well, TYPE! It all started with the Type Kita Exhibit wherein they showcased various artists and their type creations. This year, they established the Type Kita Academy wherein they are offering various (and not to mention, awesome!) workshops for the type-lovers.


The class to kickstart the Type Kita Academy school year is Basic Chalk Lettering Class with designer Kay Aranzanso and I was lucky and altogether elated to join the class!


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The class was held at Commune in Salcedo, Makati. Commune was the perfect place to house workshops like these as it has a very chill and homey feel to it. Plus they have great coffee too!


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I did say great coffee, right? And 100% cute too! Don’t forget to try their 3D art latte!


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Teacher Kay Aranzanso introducing us to her awesome creations and to the basics of chalk lettering.


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Introductions! Saab Magalona was my classmate too! Our class was an interesting mix — we had moms (and their daughters!) , crafters, business people and a whole lot more.


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Teacher Kay and Maan Angsalud, the type-lover extraordinaire who started Type Kita.


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Let the workshop begin!


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Getting in the zone and doing the drills to get us started on our chalk lettering journey.


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It was a surprise to know that Chalk Pencils exist! They make chalk lettering a whole lot easier!


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After all the drills, off to a bigger chalk lettering task!


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Teacher Kay prepared a MAYNILA lettering for each of us to work with. Time to fill and color it!


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After designing, off to sealing it so that it won’t get erased!


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Some of the class’ works displayed! And look, there’s mine! 😀 


It was such a fun experience and I extend my greatest thanks to Maan and teacher Kay for the wonderful time! I’m looking forward to joining your future classes!


When In Manila, check out Type Kita’s Facebook page to find out more about their workshop schedules and to sign up for their classes!


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Type Kita Academy: Chalk Lettering Workshop with Kay Aranzanso