Davao Travel Tips (Philippines)


Davao Travel Tips: Things To Do, Places To See, Where To Eat: Davao City, Philippines


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Our trip destination: DAVAO CITY

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Davao Travel Tips: Things To Do, Places To See, Where To Eat:


Davao Travel Tip #1 – What To Do in Davao: Eat Durian.



Durian season in Davao usually starts around August (month of Kadayawan Festival) till October. Best way to enjoy this delectable treat is to stop by any street vendor (they’re everywhere), ask them to open your preferred variety of choice (I suggest Cob Yellow or Puyat for beginners), and eat it with your bare hands. *finger-lickin’ good*

Price can go as low as Php 25/kilo during Durian season.


Davao Travel Tip #2 – Where to eat in Davao: Dine at the No. 1 Barbeque House in Davao: Penong’s BarBESTque



Even before the chicken barbeque craze with unli-rice hit Manila, Davao has already been enjoying this at Penong’s. I love their food but what I liked and missed the most is the bagaybay, tuna’s prized flavorful “balls”



Davao Travel Tip #3 – What to do in Davao: Get your adrenaline pumping on the Zipline


This is a really good activity for about anyone – company team building, adventure trip with friends or family bonding.



 Davao Travel Tip #4 – Places to see in Davao: Paradise Beach Resort


Paradise Beach Resort is probably the nearest family-friendly beach in Davao City. Better come early to enjoy the clear blue water of the island. Also, ordering their best-selling paella is a must!



Davao Travel Tip #5 – Where to eat in Davao: Save room for dessert: (MUST TRY!) Red Velvet Cheesecake of Tiny Kitchen

tiny-kitchen-best-restaurant-davao-jotan23 (5)

Tiny Kitchen (same owners as Paradise Beach Resort) is best known for their paellas, but if you want to try the best red velvet cheesecake ever, then better save room for dessert.



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