You Can Now Top-Your-Own Hotdog at Jollibee!

Article by Ayie Licsi

We all love having the power to choose. I love that I can voice my opinion whenever my friends and I argue about a lot of things, especially when answering one of the most important questions that will ever be asked in our everyday lives: “Saan tayo kakain?”

Now, the power of choice is extended to Jollibee’s menu boards as they add a twist to a classic favorite: the Jolly Hotdog.

With TOP-YOUR-OWN Jolly Hotdog, you can now choose to add any of these three toppings to your Jolly Hotdog: cheese, bacon, and jalapeño.

You can get the Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog for 50 pesos; and then for an additional 10 pesos per topping, add a dash of your personality to the snack. Let your food do the talking.

Which topping should you choose? Bring on the extra cheese if you’re craving for a creamier delight. If you’re looking for texture, add a heap of crispy bacon (who wouldn’t want bacon on everything?). For those who are looking for a little spice, a helping of jalapeño ought to do the trick. Or, you know, get them all!

For only 25 pesos, you can get all three toppings on your Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog.

All three toppings together make quite the combo. They elevate the Jolly Hotdog by adding dimensions to the flavors: a crisp and a zing. Also, your Jolly Hotdog will always look like a fiesta in a box.

I’ll take my Cheesy Classic with two extra jalapeños and extra bacon please.

Jollibee just keeps on giving us more reasons to love it. Check this out, too: 3 reasons why Jollibee will always be loved.

The power to choose is yours for a limited time only. TOP-YOUR-OWN Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog is now available at your favorite Jollibee branch for dine-in, take-out, and delivery. Prices start at 50 pesos.



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