Top Benefits of Games at Dyce N Dyne Board Game Bar

Bora Bora Bacon Tempura (Php 330) is bacon coated in tempura batter, deep-fried to crispiness, sprinkled with bits of nori, and served with maple syrup.  I love differently delicious dishes, and this should definitely be on their most recommended!

Fortunes are staked in the mysterious island world of Bora Bora.  Take an adventure across islands, huts where the men and women of your tribes can settle down, discovering fish and collecting shells. Send priests to the temples, and gather offerings to curry favor with the gods.  Sounds as interesting as the dish tastes.


Soup Sticks of Carcassonne (Php 200) are bread sticks with mozzarella and monterey jack cheese served with french onion soup dipping sauce.  You got me at mozzarella.


Chicken Skin of Avalon (Php 150) is deep-fried battered chicken skin with buffalo sauce, served with potato chips.  The game The Resistance: Avalon pits the forces of Good and Evil in a battle to control the future of civilization.


Fish and Chips of the Abyss (Php 200) is beer battered fish fillet and tartar sauce.  Abyss is a development game, a combo-building game, and a set collection game in which players will attempt to take control of the various locations of the kingdom. This takes place on three levels: collect the Allies of your choice which will allow you to recruit Lords, who themselves will grant you access to the various Locations of the kingdom.


Karaage Pandemic (Php 180) is deep-fried battered chicken fillet, served with spicy sriracha sauce.


Halli Galli Apple Salad (Php 180) is green salad with lolo rosa and romaine lettuce, rocket arugula, green apples and carrots, drizzled with apple vinaigrette. You can also eat healthy while playing.


Munchkin Sliders (Php 250), corned beef patties with hash brown and scrambled eggs.


 Legendary Grilled Cheese (Php 150) is 2 kinds of cheese with tomato slices on white bread.


Tapplesilog (Php 180).  Love the name, and the game!  Name It. Tap It. Pass It. The game where quick wits are pressed for time. Choose a category card and start the timer on the Tapple wheel. In just 10 seconds, name a word matching the category, press the first letter of that word on the wheel, hit the button to reset the timer, and pass it along.


Imperial Tocilog (Php 150).  Good comfort food while accumulating wealth on the board game.


Check this out. Zombicide Sardine Tempura (Php 150).  Perfect match as a surivior in the game where you harness both your skills and team up against the hordes of the unthinking dead!


Settlers of Longsilog (Php 150) sets you in the mythical world of Catan where you trade and build on one of the most successful games of all time.


Rarr Gising-Gising (Php 180) is a good punch of green beans and ground beef cooked in spicy coconut milk sauce. 


Sounds good? It tastes even better!  More so when you learn they’ve partnered with Gaming Library on the loft floor where you can buy some pretty cool toys and other games too!


When In Manila, don’t you think its about time you’ve given yourself permission to play and dine at the same time? 



Dyce N Dyne is located at Unit 3 Elements @Rosemarie Building, Pasig Blvd – across SeaOil.

Click here for the map.

Facebook :

Contact Number : 0906 307 8465


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