Top Benefits of Games at Dyce N Dyne Board Game Bar


When In Manila, was the last time you had time for fun in the midst of being an adult?  The fun I’m talking about here isn’t the kind of fun you instantly grab on your smartphone, but the old fashioned one.  Where you sit down, literally unplug from anything electronic and get on some good ‘ol games!  Board games to be exact.


In an era where everything seems so fast and instant, Dyce N Dyne seems to be the perfect escape to something as relaxing as a wind-down evening or sometimes therapy  to regaining your sanity. 



 Yes you got it right, its time to get unplugged.



The knick-knack industrial interiors and details give a gamey yet homey feel to the place at the same time.




Board games are taking Manila by storm and the eye of it is at Dyce And Dyne.  How can some place unite relaxation and sanity saving grace at the same time? 

First lets start with the benefits of Board Games

(1) It relaxes you.  


Think about a hard day at work where all you’ve been thinking about was one thing.  And the best thing you could do is to immerse yourself into something totally different.  Like a board game!  Where you could just laugh & have a silly time with your friends.  It doesn’t matter who wins, whats important is you’re experiencing something new from the monotony of your day.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much of a tiring day it was, just the instant change of scenery and mood could do wonders to taking that stress away.

(2) Stimulates creativity / productivity.


And because you’ve not been thinking about the problem that’s been bugging you the whole day or week, your brain gets its rest and finds new ways of looking at things.  You can actually come out more creative and may finally find the solution after playing a game that makes you think differently.

(3) Improves relationship & connection


Finding common ground to connect makes board games the perfect platform towards working towards a common goal, or just making fun of each other.  Whatever the game or objective, everyone comes out more connected in a board game.



There are over 300 games for your taking at Dyce N Dyne.  You name it, they’ve got it.  And don’t get scared if you don’t know how to play any of them because the friendly staff there are ready to teach you how to learn to be a kid again.  Its really easy.

As you start giving yourself permission to play, Dyce N Dyne will also indulge a play with your tastebuds with drinks and dishes that can surprise you quite ingeniously.

These flasks takes drinks to a whole new gaming level with (from left to right) :

*All prices + 12% Vat

Cha Yen (Small – Php 90/ Large – Php 105), Caramel Macchiato (Small – Php 140/ Large – Php 155), Pineapple Mint (Small – Php 85/ Large – Php 100), Café Mocha (Small – Php 135/ Large – Php 150), Cheesecake Milk Tea (Small – Php 85/ Large – Php 100).



Milo-Dinosaur (for kids – Small Php 115 / Large – Php 130), White Rhino, T-Rex (with coffee – Small – Php 125 / Large – Php 140 ). 



Cha Yen, Matcha Espresso (Small – Php 125 / Large – Php 140), Strawberry Jasmine (Small – Php 85 / Large – Php 100).


 My personal favorite is the Strawberry Jasmine because it’s so refreshing.


Most of the dishes are named after Dyne and Dyne top games, like the Tok Tok Sausage (Php 180).  It’s pan seared hungarian sausage with spicy tomato sauce.  The Tok Tok Woodman is a great family dexterity game for 2-7 players.  The game is also called Click Clack Lumberjack! and a favorite of many.


 The Qwirkle Chicken Salpicao (Php 150) is pan seared chicken thigh with hoisin sauce, served with aglio olio pasta.  Qwirkle is an abstract game consisting of 108 wooden blocks with six different shapes in six different colors.


Drinks can be interactive too.  Liket the “Experiment” (Php 115) where you get to mix to your own taste sugar & cream, hazelnut & jelly in your drink.


Nachos Against Humanity (Php 250). We had this while playing the Cards Against Humanity game which could be one of the funniest and most awkward games you could ever play.  True colors of people come out of this game. You just gotta play it to see why.



Camel Cup Chicken Curry (Php 260) is crispy fried chicken and mojo potatoes with yellow curry sauce.  In  Camel Cup, up to eight players bet on five racing camels, trying to suss out which will place first and second in a quick race around a pyramid.



Once you started craving for heavier meals, the King of Kare Kare – Php 300 (crispy beef ribs and tripe with peanut butter sauce) is there to meet that craving on the boardgame.


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