Top 40 Hottest Filipina Models / Booth Babes at the Manila Auto Salon


In what is possibly the biggest car show for all the automotive enthusiasts, it seems that one thing will always help draw our manly attention….. the beautiful models and booth babes! 

With hundreds of beautiful faces there, it was a huge task for our photographer Peter Baltazar to compile our usual top 10 list….. so we then started to work on a top 15, but that wasn’t enough either…. so we went on to top 20, 25, 30, 35 and finally we were able to agree on 40 of the hottest Filipina girls at the Manila Auto Salon! 

It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it! 

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Here’s our list of Top 40 hottest Filipina Booth Babes and Models at the Manila Auto Salon this year! 


Top 40 Hottest Filipina Models / Booth Babes at the Manila Auto Salon


40. Mayumi  Yokoyama

Let’s start the countdown off right with this beautiful babe who’ll have you screaming “I think I’m Japanesa yes I think so”…. that made no sense…. but you’ll understand when you check our our top 40 hottest booth babe Mayumi Yokoyama! 

Mayumi Yokoyama_3

Mayumi Yokohama

Mayumi Yokohama_2


39. Maybelle Villadelgado

She’ll ring your bell and so much more! Our 39th hottest babe at the Manila Auto Salon is Maybelle Villadelgado

Maybelle Villadelgado


38. – 37. Makeeda Sisters: Doll Makeeda & Barbie Makeeda

Two is always better than one…. unless you’re talking about the number of gang members looking for you because you slept with their sisters…. then for that…. one would be better…… or would it? Anyway, the beautiful Makeeda sisters, Doll Makeeda and Barbie Makeeda, take over as our 37th and 38th hottest babes at the show! 

Makeeda Sisters

37 38 Barbie Makeeda

37 38 Doll Makeeda


36. Kay Shivaun

She has that sophisticated look that’ll make you want to wine and dine her then call her yours! Our number 36 hottest Filipina booth babe is Kay Shivaun. 

36 Kay Shivaun (2)

36 Kay Shivaun (1)


35. Tina Kimura

I’m not sure what is is with light skinned girls that drive the local guys crazy, but if that’s what you want, then that’s what we’ll give ya! At number 35 hottest booth babe is Tina Kimura! 

35 Tina Kimura

35 Tina Kimura_2


34. Terese Rivera

Wouldn’t you want this sexy lady in the front seat of your car as you drive down to the mall…. Our number 34 hottest Filipina car show model is Terese Rivera! 

Terese Rivera2

Terese Rivera


33. Kitty Kath

Here kitty kitty kitty….. purrrrrrring in at number 33 hottest Filipina kitties at the Manila Auto Salon is Kitty Kath! Meow….. 

11 Kitty Kath (2)

11 Kitty Kath (1)


32. Marline Capones

She’s got those cute cheeks you just want to squeeze and squeeze and kiss and kiss!!! Also, the bangin’ body is a big plus! Our number 32 hottest auto show model is Marline Capones!

Marline Capones

Marline Capones_2


31. Yassi Benitez 

No stranger to magazines or auto shows is this all around beauty who is the fairest one of all! Our number 31 hottest auto booth babe is Yassi Benitez! 

Yassi Benitez  

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