10 Booth Babes and Models We LOVED Working With in Manila: Non-Stuck-Up Girls for your Booth or Event

10 Booth Babes and Models We LOVED Working With in Manila: Non-Stuck-Up Girls for your Booth or Event

As the BER-months come along (SeptemBER, OctoBER, etc) more and more events start popping up left and right!

One of the biggest needs to have a great booth or an amazing event, are the booth babes or models! There’s a lot of them out there, but in our experience of working with these models at events and for our UNO Magazine / IntimateManila.com shoots, we’ve found that not all of them are very reliable, professional or nice.

Some of them are are always late, others are no-shows or cancel last minute, while there are also some who are nightmares to work with as they are either super high maintenance princesses, or just straight up b********.

So in an effort to help you find a few reliable, nice, sweet and BEAUTIFUL models or booth babes for your event, here are 10 of our highly recommended girls whom we have worked with and can vouch for!


10. Daniella Jose



10. Daniella Jose

Our first ever model we worked with who showed us that you can definitely judge the book by it’s cover sometimes! Daniella is beautiful inside and out and definitely easy to work with. As of writing of this article, she is currently under Playboy as one of their Playmates / Playboy Bunnies, so may be limited to the events she can attend.

Instagram – @playmatedaniella



9. Christine Hallauer & Maya T 

christine-hallauer-intimate-manila-10 Intimate-Manila-Maya-T-When-In-Manila-Shirt-1



9. Christine Hallauer & Maya T

Why two girls in one number you ask? Well the thing is that these pure 10 beauties are not based in Manila, and are usually only here when they have gigs, or for the OneFC matches. They’re the two beautiful ring girls of the OneFC MMA who are amazingly beautiful but super sweet and down to earth!

Chrisinte is a Filipina-Swiss blooded hottie from Australia while Maya T will fulfill your Anime fantasies as she’s from Japan!

 Instagram – @christinehallauer

 Instagram – @mayat_model

8. Joyen Santos

Joyen-Santos-Queen-of-Rope-WhenInManila-IntimateManila-Intimate-Manila 2

Joyen-Santos-Queen-of-Rope-WhenInManila-IntimateManila-Intimate-Manila 1

8. Joyen Santos

If your event is on the extreme side of things, like  BDSM, ropes, and all that other stuff, then your one stop shop is this cutie with a booty, Joyen Santos! But don’t let her love for all that hardcore stuff fool you! Joyen has a cute smile and an even better personality. Just be sure you don’t ask her to punish you when you’ve been nauthy since she is known as the “Queen of Rope” and her business card says she’s a “Rope Bondage Dominatrix.” Enjoy!

Instagram – @joyenjoyen

7. Mimai Ong



7. Mimai Ong

This independent woman has legs that go on for daaaaaaaaaayyyyyssssssss. The great thing is she’s sweet and easy to work with so you’ll definitely have no hitches for your event. Classy and never trashy.

Instagram – @mimaiong


6. Sheric Ranning



6. Sheric Ranning

Cute yet seductive, she’s definitely the fireball you need for your event! Sheric is a Fil-Australian Paintbabe who loves horror films and rock music. She’s also the vocalist of “The Declared.” Highly Recommended!

Instagram – @simplysheric


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