Top 40 Hottest Filipina Models / Booth Babes at the Manila Auto Salon

Top 20 Hottest Filipina Models / Booth Babes at the Manila Auto Salon


20.  Angel Malit

No stranger to our countdown, or to men all over, is the beautiful babe who looks like she fell right out of heaven! Our top 20 hottest Filipina booth babe is Angel Malit! 

20 Angel Malit (2)

20 Angel Malit (1)


19. Jewel De Vera

We’ve long loved the absolutely stunning looks that this next gem holds! Our number 19 hottest Filipina booth model is none other than Jewel De Vera! 

19 Jewell de Vera (1)

19 Jewell de Vera (2)


18. Marileña Shirakawa

This next curvy babe has the type of body that could kill! Our number 18 hottest Filipina babe at the Manila Auto Salon is Marileña Shirakawa!

18 Marileña Shirakawa_3

18 Marileña Shirakawa_5

18 Marileña Shirakawa_4


17. Alyzza Lao

Girls with the big beautiful eyes have a special place in my heart! Here’s lookin at you kid! Our number 17 cutest Filipina model is Alyzza Lao!

17 Alyzza Lao_2

17 Alyzza Lao


16. Kim Echano

I bet all her ex -boyfriends are kicking themselves in the butt now for letting this one go! Our number 16 hottest Filipina model babe is Kim Echano! 

16 Kim Echano_2

16 Kim Echano


15. Raquel Santiago

a cute face and a curvy body…. what more could you ask for?!?! Our number 15 curviest Filipina model is Raquel Santiago!  

15 Raquel Santiago_2

15 Raquel Santiago


14. Asia Gomez

Her legs seem to go on forever…. and I’d gladly keep going with them! Our number 14 sexiest Filipina model is Asia Gomez! 

14 Asia Gomez (4)

14 Asia Gomez (3)


13. Kristine Santamena

I really don’t now what kind of diet this girl is on…. but DAAAAYYYYYMMMMMMM! Whatever she’s doing, it’s definitely working! Sexily coming in at number 13 on our hottest Filipina models list is Kristine Santamena! 

13 Kristine Santamena_2

13 Kristine Santamena_3


12. Ann Mateo

Our 12th hottest Filipina babe at the Manila Auto Salon looks like the girl next door… if the girl who lives next door to you looks like a drop dead gorgeous model…. At number 12 hottest Filipina girl next door is Ann Mateo! 

12 Anne Mateo_2

12 Anne Mateo


11. Haiza Madrid 

You know how some girls just have it all? A nice smile, sexy legs, great skin, and a waits the size of a soda bottle?!?! Well, our number 11 hottest Filipina girl, Haiza Madrid, is one of those girls! 

7 Haiza Madrid (2)

7 Haiza Madrid (1)


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