Top 40 Hottest Filipina Models / Booth Babes at the Manila Auto Salon

Top 30 Hottest Filipina Booth Babes at the Manila Auto Salon


30. Erika Sarrmiento

This cutey looks like that oh-so-innocent seatmate you had back in high school.  She’ll lend you a pen coz you forgot to bring one but she’ll also be the one with the crazy streak of wanting to pull pranks on the professor! Ahhhh, my type of girl! At number 30 hottest girls at the Manila Auto Salon is Erika Sarmiento! 

30 Erika Sarmiento (2)

30 Erika Sarmiento (1)


29. Anicka Lyka Yu

I Lyka you…. do you Lyka me??? Well, we all Lyka our number 29 hottest booth babe: Anicka Lyka Yu! 

29 Anicka Lyka Yu (2)

29 Anicka Lyka Yu (3)


28. Barby Lee

I don’t know what it is about Filipina girls, but they always seem to have the perfect smile and perfect complexion of all the girls from around the world! Here’s a perfect example of that! Our 28th cutest Filipina girl is Barby Lee!

28 Barby Lee (2)

28 Barby Lee (3)

28 Barby Lee (1)


27. JP Villar

You know how sometimes a dress can make a girl look even prettier? Well, this is sort of the other way around, where the girl made a simple black dress look so much better! Our 27th hottest babe at the Manila Auto Salon is JP Villar!

27 JP Villar (1)

27 JP Villar (2)


 26. Joan Alcala

in the Philippines, they have this term called “morena” which I think roughly translates into “OMG SHE IS SO HOT”…. or something like that…. At number 26 hottest booth model is this beautiful morena, Joan Alcala!

26 Joan Alcala (2)

26 Joan Alcala (1)


25. Janica Nam Floresca 

Some guys are just a sucker for the cutesey girls who look like they came straight out of a Japanese Anime / cartoon! If so, then this is the girl for you! At number 25 hottest booth babe is Janica Nam Floresca! 

25 Janica Nam Floresca (2)

25 Janica Nam Floresca (1)


24. Sachi Chinda

Our 24th hottest babe at the Manila Auto Salon is a beautiful lady in red! Say hello to Sachi Chinda!

24 Sachi Chinda (2)

24 Sachi Chinda (1)


23. Marga Marco

A cute face and dimples deeper than the Mariana Trench! Who can complain about our number 23 cutest Filipina model at the Manila Auto Salon: Marga Marco!

23 Marga Marco (1)

23 Marga Marco (2)


22. Cyen Lazam

Again with the cute smiles! What is it really with Asians and those cute smiles?!?! I just can’t get enough of it! Our hottie at number 22 on this list of hottest Filipina booth babes is Cyen Lazam! 

22 Cyen Lazam (2)

22 Cyen Lazam (1)


21. Cyndi Garcia

She’s got all the right junk in all the right places! Say hi to our number 21 most curvalicious Filipina on the list: Cyndi Garcia! 

21 Cyndi Garcia (1)

21 Cyndi Garcia (2)


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