Top 40 Hottest Filipina Models / Booth Babes at the Manila Auto Salon

Top 10 Hottest Filipina Models / Booth Babes at the Manila Auto Salon


10. Miranda Aldana

 To start of our top 10 hottest Filipina models at the Manila Auto Salon is one with lips that remind me of Angelina Jolie’s! They look so soft and seductive! Our top 10 hottest Filipina booth babe is Miranda Aldana! 

10 Miranda Aldana (2)

10 Miranda Aldana (1)


9. Karen Tuazon

 Most of the time, a girl will either be cute, or sexy. Fortunately for us, we’ve found this babe who’s part of a rare breed of women that can be both cute and sexy! Our number 9 cutest and sexiest Filipina girls is Karen Tuazon! 

8 Karen Tuazon (2)

8 Karen Tuazon (1)


8. Alyzza Agustin

 She’s not the type of girl you take out to a seafood dinner and never call again (line from Anchor Man). She’s got an amazing smile an an even more amazing body! At number 8 hottest Filipina booth babes is Alyzza Agustin! 

9 Alyzza Agustine (2)

9 Alyzza Agustine (1)


7. Maica Palo

 This girl has a very big…. future…. ahead of her….. She’s got a bangin’ body and a face you’d love to wake up to every single day for the rest of your life! Our number 7 hottest Filipina model is Maica Palo! 

6 Maica Palo (1)

6 Maica Palo (2)


6. Mai Moldero

Anyone in a sexy Snow White costume who can pull it off should automatically get into any top 10 hottest babes countdown! Our Top 6 hottest Filipina model at the Manila Auto Salon is Mai Moldero! 

5 Mai Moldero (2)

5 Mai Moldero (1)


5. Alyssa Lagahino

She’s a regular on our countdown and surely in your dreams and fantasies! To start off our Top 5 Hottest Car Show Babes is the girl with the face you can never get tired of. The beautiful Alyssa Lagahino is our Top 5 hottest Filipina car show babe at the Manila Auto Salon! 

alyssa Lagahino

alyssa Lagahino2


4. Regina Castillo

Here’s another babe with a very big….. future….. ahead of her! She’s definitely got all the right curves in all the right places! Our top 4 sexiest Filipina model is Regina Castillo1 

4 Regina Castillo (1)

4 Regina Castillo (2)


3. Kim Domingo

This is one girl you should definitely look out for! She’ll soon be a regular on many different magazines, calendars, posters and more! She’s been on our radar for a while and it won’t be long before she blows up onto the mainstream world of modeling! Our top 3 sexiest Filipina babe is none other than hottie Kim Domingo! 

3 Kim Domingo_2

3 Kim Domingo


2. Aica Sy

Our number 2 hottest babe is one with a face of an angel and a body of an angel who does Pilates! Everything about her seems to have been put there perfectly, from her cheek bones, her lips, her curves, her legs, her eyes and everything! Our perfectly beautiful model at the number 2 hottest Filipina booth babes spot is the alluring Aica Sy! 

2 Aica Sy_2

2 Aica Sy


1. Dale Go Meris

You know how some girls are just right?! Like they were perfectly designed just for your eyes?!?! Almost as if they were put here on Earth after being created by some super intelligent future race who wanted us to have pretty things?!?! Well, this is THAT girl! She has a perfectly curvy body with all the right curves in all the right places! A beautiful face, glistening eyes, puffy lips, silky skin and everything else in between! Our HOTTEST and the number 1 sexiest Filipina booth babe at the Manila Auto Salon 2014 is none other than Dale Meris! 

1 Dale Merris (1)

1 Dale Merris (2)

1 Dale Merris (3)



Special Mention

And, just as a bonus, we did not include her on our list as she has always seems to win it… and rightfully so. But for this list, we just wanted to give her a special mention as she just topped our past 3 hot car show lists. So we’re making her an alumna for this one. The always hot, always beautiful Joycee Castro is our special mention for the Manila Auto Salon 2014! 

joycee castro

joycee castro2


Photos by Peter Baltazar


So there you have it! Our list of the hottest Filipina booth models at the Manila Auto Salon 2014 event!

We did our best to go around and get photos of all the models there, but we’re sure we may have missed on a few. Just let us know who to look out for and we’ll keep an eye out for them next time;)

We’re sure everyone would rank this differently. So just tell us who would be in your Top 10 in the comments below! =) 


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Who’s in your top 10 hottest Filipina models at the Manila Auto Salon event? 



 Top 40 Hottest Filipina Models / Booth Babes at the Manila Auto Salon