Top 3 Back Pain Myths: Back Pain Doctor Tips on How to Have a Better Back

Top 3 Back Pain Myths: Back Pain Doctor Tips on How to Have a Better Back


When it comes to back pain, there’s a lot of real medicine out there, and a lot of hulabuloo on what can or can’t make your back feel better. 

Almost everyone has a little bit of pain in the back every now and then but here are the biggest myths about back pain you may not know yet. 

We made sure to ask our certified back pain doctors on what the biggest myths are out there. According to our experts, these are it. 


Back Pain Myth #3

Body sweat or perspiration that dries on your back will give you more back pain – MYTH

This is a huge misconception. Perspiration is a natural body response towards heat dissipation. Through sweat, our body’s temperature decreases by means of evaporative cooling. Never has this normal human process contributed to the development of pain on your back.

This myth assumable started because of the usual occurrence of sweat when someone is in pain. Many times, someone who’s body is fighting off diseases and / or injury may be sweating due to the body’s internal activities. Also, there are often times when those experiencing back pain have other sicknesses like that of a fever, and thus, may be sweating. Because of this common occurrence of back pain seen with sweat, people may have wrongly associated the two and through old wives tales, slowly the story developed that sweating and it drying on your back, will cause more back pain. 

There are no studies that state dried perspiration as the cause for more back pain. 


Back Pain Myth #2

Masseuses or Hilot is enough treatment for your back pain – MYTH

Massages can temporarily relieve the symptoms of pain, but these cannot really help you fix your back problems especially if you have deeper underlying back problems. This traditional belief of  recuperating from pain just through massages is very popular these days because it’s cheap and affordable. There are certain claims that people benefit from it, and they probably do, for the time being. Irregardless of the result, one thing you must know is that you need to find a qualified medical practitioner to assess your back properly. You may actually have other deeper problems with your back, that massages can possibly make worse.

It is best to first get yourself checked by a qualified practitioner to ensure you are getting the right treatments and that massages or other treatments you get will be beneficial. It gives you peace of mind and it will give you the assurance of having safe and expert analysis of your body and back. Find a nearby clinic like that of qualified orthopedic or PT rehabilitation facilities to help you with your back pain.


Back Pain Myth #1

You can’t shower or get wet after having a massage – MYTH

This unhealthy habit and wrong perception to healthcare needs to be corrected. 9 out 10 Filipinos would say they don’t shower after a massage because they are afraid that they may get worse pain in their back. This is not true. 

The Filipino terms for this myth are the words: “PASMA” or “PANGINGINIG NG KATAWAN” or “ NGALAY”.

These misconceptions have a different pathology. “PASMA” in Filipino, is the  tremor or shaking of the hands and body and / or excessive sweating on hands and body. This is mostly caused by a central nervous disorder and has nothing to do with taking a shower after massage.

 Although not necessary, some do recommend you avoid cold showers as the cold water may tense the muscles up a bit. You may start with warm water as it will open your pores which will help your body eliminates unwanted toxins. After application of soap and body cleansers, rinse your body with regular tap water temperature. This water temperature is enough to close the skin pores. Closed skin pores are very good before you go outside of your house because it prevents dirt to accumulate into your skin.

One reason to possibly avoid showers after a massage is because of the ointments or oils used and because of the skins sensitivity after being rubbed that much. The oils and ointments may enter your pores if you shower in hot water which may cause blemishes or irritations. Also, with the skin being rubbed so much it may be a bit sensitive to other elements so this may also be a reason to avoid showering right away. 

But generally, there are no studies that indicate showering after a massage will give you more back pain. It’s just a myth! 


There you have it, the top 3 back pain myths! But don’t take our word for it. It’s better to always ask a qualified technician. Here in Manila, we recommend checking out N.Y. Theraspine in Quezon City. They are a clinic filled with highly qualified medical practitioners who have specific and tested techniques from New York, to help ease your back pain.  

Started September 2011, New York Theraspine – a new and advanced rehabilitation and chiropractic facility, providing western society healthcare and rehabilitation was founded in the country. Located in Dr. Scout Lazcano, Tomas Morato Q.C., the facility is thoroughly prepared and ready to assist you and your company with any and all physical ailments, work related injuries affecting daily work routine and active lifestyle. Our healthcare team is composed of Doctors and Physical Therapists highly trained, licensed and board certified from New York, Missouri, USA and here in the Philippines.

NY Theraspine offers you it’s main services like:


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Top 3 Back Pain Myths: Back Pain Doctor Tips on How to Have a Better Back

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