Top 20 Filipina Cosplayers We Love

Top 5 Filipina Cosplayers

chienna wim

5. Chienna Filomeno

This Star Magic cutie also models, plays the guitar, and is a gamer. Is there anything this well-rounded sweetheart can’t do? Chienna’s also had a scene with Daniel Padilla in a teleserye. We can already spot a hoard of screaming girls coming from elsewhere.

 jeanne wim

4. Jeanne Japitana

When Jeanne gets in character, she really gets in character. Perhaps what’s most impressive about this BS Civil Engineering student is her ability to completely transform her look in every character she cosplays. At a drop of a hat, she can go from fierce to sweet, and is almost completely unrecognizable as herself in every costume.

ashley wim 3. Ashley Gosiengfiao

What’s not there to love about the Gosiengfiao sisters? Not one to step in the shadow of older sister Alodia, Ashley has quite an edge of her own, who started cosplaying when she was 13. Aside from being a ballet dancer and volleyball player in her earlier years, she’s also a badass musician, which she says is her real passion. In 2007, her band, Hymn of Siren, was a finalist for the Nescafe Soundskool Battle of the Best College Bands. Now, Ashley rocks in a new band called Midnight Meetings, with her awesome green hair taking centerstage.  

myrtle wim

2. Myrtle Sarrosa

Everyone knew Myrtle back then as the Cosplay Cutie of Iloilo when she joined Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition in 2012, eventually emerging as The Big Winner. Since then, she’s had a steady stream of projects as an actress, singer, host, and dancer, including TV shows such as Kahit Puso’y Masaktan and the sitcom TodaMax. Myrtle’s also released a digital single with Young JV entitled “Your Name”, and is currently the VJ for Hero TV. Recently, though, she appeared in a cosplay-influenced cover for FHM’s November 2014 issue, looking both cute and sexy at the same time. Clearly, the PBB Teen Big Winner is all grown up.

alodia wim

Alodia Gosiengfiao - Red Baroness

1. Alodia Gosiengfiao

When you think of Filipino cosplayers, the first one who usually comes to mind is Alodia Gosiengfiao, undoubtedly the queen of cosplay in the country. Credited for bringing cosplay to mainstream consciousness, Alodia’s first claim to fame was her win in a cosplay event called the C3 Convention in 2003. Since then, she’s represented various brands, and became a brand ambassador and VJ for Animax Asia. Alodia’s also appeared on Philippine TV and in films, such as ABS-CBN’s “Laugh Out Loud” as a host, and in Star Cinema’s “The Reunion”, among other appearances.

Shoutout and credits to our friend, Mike Abundo of, for helping us with this list!

Did we miss anyone? Who is your favorite Filipina cosplayer? Share your Top 5 Filipina cosplayers in the comments below!


Top 20 Filipina Cosplayers We Love


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