Top 20 Filipina Cosplayers We Love

Top 10 Prettiest Filipino Cosplayers

princess wim

10. Princess Chua

If there was an award for “Sexiest Cosplayer” on this list, Princess would win it, hands down. Aside from cosplay, she also does modelling. Princess steps up her cosplay game with her oozing sex appeal, and we think she looks awesome.

Top 20 Filipina Cosplayers To Watch Out For

 9. Cyen Lazam

Blessed with honest-to-goodness, girl-next-door looks, it’s no wonder that Cyen has a lot of followers, with her Facebook page reaching almost 32,000 likes. This pretty cosplayer also does car show modelling on the side.  

top 20 filipina cosplayers mayumi

8. Mayumi Gomez

Besides being one hell of a cosplayer, Mayumi Gomez is one talented chick. When she’s not turning heads at cosplay conventions, she’s making them bang onstage as Imago’s newest vocalist. What an act!

ayumi wim

7. Ayumi Kassinique

One look at Ayumi Kassinique’s smile and she just exudes sweetness. It’s this sweet quality to her that makes her totally rock the much-coveted lolita goth look, as popular in Japanese culture. Just take a look at that photo— it’s the right balance of edginess and innocence.

reia wim

6. Reia Ayunan

With her smoldering eyes, tan skin, and a come hither smirk, Reia Ayunan steps up her cosplay game by bringing a level of sultriness. That image of her as a cute-sexy devil pretty much says it all. 

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