Top 20 Filipina Cosplayers We Love

Top 15 Filipino Cosplayers

jillian wim

15. Jillian Ongsip

Whether it’s those big chibi eyes, or that adorably wide grin, everything about this 18-year-old De La Salle University student just screams kawaii. This self-described “simple girl with a big heart”, who has been cosplaying since 2010, still looks cute, even when she’s pointing a gun to your head. It’s like watching a kitten trying to be a tiger. Did we mention she’s adorable?

 jia gold wim

14. Jia Gold Bustamante

She may look like your average cosplaying 17-year-old, but we can assure you, Jia Gold is anything but. At the early age of thirteen, she became the youngest Filipina cosplayer to win the title of “Finest Cosplayer in Asia” at the Asia Cosplay Meet in Singapore, with a winning costume that involved LED lights in 2010. Since then, Jia Gold’s been invited as a judge for cosplay events, and as a brand ambassador for different brands, among other achievements. Now that’s dedication!

gladzy wim

13. Gladzy Kei

Gladzy is a freelance illustrator and designer based in Alberta, Canada. Yes, she does her own character designs, which means her most inventive costumes are born from her own ideas. She says she cosplays to release herself from stress as a Visual Communication major at the Alberta College of Art and Design. Be forewarned: she makes the most amazing graphic illustrations.

haidee wim

12. Haidee Lapuz

We love how Haidee can easily pull off being tough when she’s in character, yet she still looks gorgeous while doing so. This Filipina-Australian is also a graphic designer, and had a cameo role in the film Tween Academy: Class 2012

sharm wim

11. Sharm Sy

With good looks such as a disarming smile, and captivating chinky eyes, it’s hard to resist Sharm’s charms. Now try resisting them when she’s in costume. Very kawaii!

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