Top 20 Filipina Cosplayers We Love

Top 20 Filipina Cosplayers We Love

Ah, cosplayers. We love them for their creativity, as they transform themselves into their favorite anime characters. But while they look unbelievably uncanny and stunning as their characters, there are also those rare few who manage to stand out in a costume-clad crowd, especially those female cosplayers who have that unique ability to look adorable and sexy at the same time.

Problem was it’s so difficult to rank these amazing and beautiful women into a countdown. So instead, we just ranked them here according to the number of Facebook fans they each had (from when we drafted this article as some of them are close and will surely change). So here you go, we rounded up the Top 20 Filipina cosplayers we love. Check out our list below:

 jerry wim

20. Jerry Polence

This Seattle-based Filipina cosplayer has been around the scene for a while, starting in 2004. Now, Jerry is an artist and designer, who is also the brand ambassador for Crunchyroll. Fun fact: she collects swords. Who else can claim that?

 Top 20 Filipina Cosplayers To Watch Out For

19. Shine Sy

Much like her name, Shine just lights up the room with her twinkling eyes and bright smile. Together with sister Sharm Sy, they are both making waves in the cosplay scene, not just for their cute chinita looks, but for their awesome costumes as well. 


rhianna wim e1422180639266

18. Rhianna Floresca

Rhianna Floresca was the winner of the 2012 Animax Ani-mate search in 2012. Besides her love for cosplay, she is also a writer, blogger, host, and a self-confessed otaku. Rhianna also maintains a blog at 


kristell wim e1422180543587

17. Kristell Lim

Kristell Lim just has that look that somehow makes each one of her characters on point, whenever she’s cosplaying. It must be that cherubic face of hers, or that look that can turn from innocent to sinister in an instant, but whatever the case, one can only wait for the next cosplay convention for her to blow everyone’s minds (and hearts) away.


Top 20 Filipina Cosplayers To Watch Out For

16. Koleen Mercado

With a svelte figure that easily parallels anime characters, Koleen, who also does print and ramp modelling, is an easy favorite in the cosplay scene. Cosplaying since 2010, Koleen has been named ambassador of different brands, some of them including GameX Philippines and Cosplay Network Philippines, among others. Also, she rocks a pretty mean street style.


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