Top 10 Epicurean Beach Cuisine Meals to Try!

When in a vacation, more often than not, you’ll look forward to a wide array of meals perfectly seasoned to bring the fresh essence of seafood and the like.

Combine these meals with prime service and chic ambience, and you are up for a treat!

EPIC Boracay is sure to transport you into a world of its own, giving you a perfect island vacation!

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Located at the beachfront of D’mall, Boracay island’s central shopping and dining mecca, EPIC Boracay is easily accessible to the general public. It is a spacious two-story with the modern beach architecture, including Beech wood, large air-conditioned bathrooms, and modern woven beach furniture.


The food creations of Chef Carlo Miguel did not fail in being what Epicurean Beach Cuisine truly meansluxurious in taste! Big flavors make the food EPIC! Chef Carlo does not shortchange the palate, especially since Filipinos like big flavors. Considering this and the “pure sourness” or acidity as the trademark of Filipino dishes, what Chef Carlo Miguel’s cooking is about is not needing to reach for that salt shaker for more flavor.

Here, now, are the top 10 must try’s in EPIC Boracay!

10. Breakfast Burrito

This is one of the best sellers of EPIC! The roasted tomatoes and potato hash balances the sweet and sour taste of the meal. The tortilla wrap is toasted in a way that it is crunchy in the outside, but once your teeth pierces through, you’d feel the soft insides of the burrito!


9. Epic Popcorn Shrimps

These bite-sized golden brown goodies are breaded fried shrimp that are perfect with a bottle of beer or two! This appetizer can get really addicting!


8. Fish Taco

This is a different take than to the usual presentation we are used to. These “baja-style” fish tacos have an open-shell where you are welcomed to the different mixtures of vegetables and its sourness that blend well with the soft, fresh meat of the fish. This dish is light to the stomach but full of island flavor. Definitely one for the taking!


7. Chicken and Pork Barbecue

The servings are usually three sticks per meal with java rice and pickled vegetables. The inspiration behind this meal is Aristocrat‘s famous barbecue and those “Pasay Bus terminals” that serve awesome, seasoned barbecue. But EPIC’s version is full-packed with pork meat and belly—down from one end to the other!


6. Epic Baby Back Ribs

With a bourbon-taste after-kick, this is the one of the best baby back ribs on the island! With a minimal effort in slicing, the meat in between each bone falls off! Thus, these flavor-packed grilled ribs will melt in your mouth. The sidings of sweet potato and corn adds to the texture of this awesome dish!


5. Barbecue Beer Can Chicken, served with fries and coleslaw

This dish is slow cooked for one to two hours in beer, which produces a sweet beer aftertaste and soft, glazed skin and meat. This is one of the crowd favorites!


4. Kimchi Steak

Think of your favorite breakfast tapa, but BETTER! This dish is a combination of soft meat grilled on the outside but perfectly pink on the inside. This medium-cooked meat is then partnered with the right amount of kimchi rice and egg on top, which adds to the Asian flavor of the dish. Highly recommended as a brunch meal!


3. Grilled Tiger Prawns

Another crowd favorite, this dish has a healthier take on what the island has to offer. These grilled prawns, topped with mango salsa (another Filipino Pride!) are then partnered with some greens, glazed with vinaigrette. You’ll not regret ordering this dish again!


2. Epic Cheesecake with fresh mango salsa

To those who do not have a sweet tooth, this homemade and to-die-for dessert offers a balance of sour and sweetness. If there is a dessert that can embody the Boracay taste, this is the one!


1. Banoffee Trifle

End your meal (or year at that!) with a bang with bananas glazed like a banana-que, chopped and layered in between moist chocolate and cream! It is served in a guilt-free sized cup that will make you come back and order for more. Each scoop and bite of this dessert is a reminder that it is all worth it. So go ahead, enjoy!


Christmas season is in the air and it will be vacation time in a few weeks. Indulge in these EPICUREAN delights that will definitely give you sensual enjoyment through each tastefrom sour to saltiness to sweetness! Book your tickets to Boracay island (Read: Air Asia Philippines new addition to its in-flight catalogue) and enjoy the festivities in EPIC Boracay!

Epic Boracay

Beachfront, D’Mall, Barangay Balabag, Boracay Island
Operating Hours: 11:00 a.m to 3:00 a.m (Mon. to Sun.)
Boracay (036) 288-1466 or (036) 288-1477
Manila (02) 585-8838
www.epicboracay.comEpic Boracay