The Aristocrat #PinoyMerienda: Classic Filipino Merienda from the Classic Restaurant We All Love

When in Manila was recently at The Aristocrat Restaurant main branch at Roxas Boulevard. It was good hours spent indulging on Pinoy Merienda, feasting on such festive flavors! A classic Filipino restaurant, The Aristocrat started from Lola Asiang’s humble Ford food truck that delivered merienda to people on afternoon strolls along Luneta.

The Aristocrat PinoyMerienda Pabebe Meals00003Mano Po: Keeping Filipino Traditions  Alive. Aristocrat is innovative but never neglects to look back.

Childhood memories and family celebrations come to mind when you hear The Aristocrat Restaurant, which is turning 80 years old next year. Let’s make new memories and keep the traditional dishes alive. Here are The Aristocrat Restaurant and The Aristocrat Bakeshop Menu picks for their #PinoyMerienda:

The Aristocrat PinoyMerienda Pabebe Meals00012Top left to bottom right: Tokwa’t Baboy, Arroz con Caldo, Flying Saucer Adobo, Lumpiang Ubod Sariwa, Pancit Luglog, Cheese Roll, and Dinuguan and Puto.

The Aristocrat PinoyMerienda Pabebe Meals00019Arroz con Caldo



Did you know that an authentic Arroz Caldo is made up of beef broth and not chicken? Yes, Aristocrat’s arroz caldo is 100% authentic. 

The Aristocrat PinoyMerienda Pabebe Meals00011It’s chick! Not an Arroz con Caldo: The Aristocrat Restaurant Pospas de Gallina.


Now this might be the one that you always mistake for Arroz con Caldo. Meet it’s cousin: Pospas de Gallina. Made with chicken broth with real pieces, the deep dish reminds me good-old-mother’s cooking for those sick moments. It’s like the Filipino version of Chicken Soup for the soul.

The Aristocrat PinoyMerienda Pabebe Meals00016Tokwa’t Baboy

The Aristocrat PinoyMerienda Pabebe Meals00022The palm-sized Aristocrat Restaurant Flying Saucer


The Aristocrat Restaurant Flying Saucer Adobo is the ultimate mother saucer. Bite to a crispy crusted bread that’s oozing with Adobo flaked perfection. Aling Asiang made these sandwiches years ago even before the term “flying saucer” was coined.

The Aristocrat PinoyMerienda Pabebe Meals00005Summer Nostalgia in Red. Aristocrat’s Sago’t Gulaman.


After jogging along Roxas Boulevard, run towards the guilt-free sugars of The Aristocrat Restaurant Sago’t Gulaman. Other drinks like this would have way too much arnibal, but not this! Ditch those copycats! Sip on some legit fresh pearly gulaman drink.

The Aristocrat PinoyMerienda Pabebe Meals00001Lumpiang Ubod

The Aristocrat PinoyMerienda Pabebe Meals00015 Sotanghon Guisado


The Pancit Luglog and Sotanghon Guisado is all heart. Since The Aristocrat Restaurant is owned by the Reyeses of Malabon, I can attest the standards of good old fashioned Pancit that’ll have you coming back for more. Pancit Luglog is Pancit Palabok’s sister, only thicker and saucier in nature.

The Aristocrat PinoyMerienda Pabebe Meals00024Going light? Go for the Sotanghon Guisado.


Be it Sotanghon Soup or Sotanghon Guisado, nothing beats the warmth of this number. Each slurp of the noodles is a tummy yummy comforting experience. Imagine Vermicelli noodles blanketed with heavenly shrimps and veggies.

The Aristocrat PinoyMerienda Pabebe Meals00021The classic dinuguan and puto combo


Dinuguan and puto. The Aristocrat Restaurant makes legit puto. Truth is I don’t eat innards, but I was a Dinuguan convert after this. It was not as sour as most dinuguan would be, and the liver and blood stew was so rich.

The Aristocrat PinoyMerienda Pabebe Meals00008The Aristocrat Bakeshop’s Torta Delos Reyes (in photo: old Aristocrat logo whipped on the cake)


Game for some perfect slices? If sylvanas and ice cream would have a baby, it would be the The Bakeshop Torta Delos Reyes Cake. It’s frozen, too. Compete with your friends for the best checkered side slice. Winner takes the last slice. I can’t promise you guys anything, but it’s worth fighting for.


A tip: Warm up! Dip the cake knife in hot water for 30 seconds or more.

The Aristocrat PinoyMerienda Pabebe Meals00006Torta Delos Reyes chunks dunked in Hot Chocolate.


Sip for a tablea moustache! Taste the roasted feel perfect for the rainy days. The Aristocrat Restaurant Hot Chocolate is as soothing that you’ll feel that you are off to slumber. Creamy type? Neutralize the strong tablea flavor with Torta Delos Reyes.

The Aristocrat PinoyMerienda Pabebe Meals00023 Aristocrat Bakeshop’s Cheese Roll


Want a little something something that’s way fluffier and cheesier than your pusong mamon? Grab the Aristocrat Restaurant Cheese Roll. Dough wise, this cheese roll is soft as pillows, but has a flaky non-sugary bedding. Indulge on this guilt-free #PinoyMerienda.

The Aristocrat PinoyMerienda Pabebe Meals00002

Merienda? Aristocrat got you covered. Drop by for some traditional #PinoyMerienda daily from 2-5pm. With Aristocrat‘s perfect location along Roxas Boulevard, you can enjoy the afternoon sunset gazing while you dine. 



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The Aristocrat Restaurant
Roxas Blvd (Open 24/7)
432 San Andres Street, Malate, Manila
Tel. No. 524-7671 to 80

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The Aristocrat #PinoyMerienda: Classic Filipino Merienda from the Classic Restaurant We All Love


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