To All The Dreamers: 5 Letters to Keep the Young Artists Moving Forward

Letter #4

“Dear Young Artist,

I enjoyed very much reading your letter that is why I am replying to you right away.

You are not alone in your feelings. Artists trying to find their way through a commercial world have experienced many of the feelings you have experienced. It is absolutely normal.

It is absolutely possible to maintain your passion, integrity and freedom of thought. It certainly is not easy and sometimes you will find yourself compromising. But when you catch yourself doing it, accept that you have done it, let it go, and start again. It is a process of continuously aligning your art with the person that you are.

As you age you will evolve and understand more of the world. Its a work in progress. Just keep your passion, integrity and freedom of thought as your north star, and you will never go wrong.

Until today, I still struggle with many of the thoughts you have, but more and more I am just being me. – AUTHENTICALLY. And I care less and less what people think.

You can absolutely do it.

Good luck on your journey, you will know what path to take. I’m excited for you to unfold gracefully 🙂


| Sara Black | November 20, 2015 | 2:29AM

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