Tiesto Club Life 2013: An amazing night fueled with music and dancing!

Tiesto Club Life 2013: An amazing night fueled with music and dancing!

When In Manila, music and parties can never go wrong together. What more if legendary DJ, DJ Tiesto is on the deck right? It’s sure to be a pumping night of music ecstasy and eargasmic beats sure to keep your body moving through the night!


Last October 3, 2013 I was able to experience a night of all-out dancing and partying, fueled by eargasmic music. DJ Tiesto may have tamed down slightly from the limelight of the scene, but he still showcases his talents and how he is still one of the best DJs internationally. The Tiesto Club Life 2013 was held at Araneta. To be honest, I initially thought that the area would not suffice for the situation. I was doubting how Araneta could space and handle an actively dancing crowd. Surprised though at how they were able to transform the location for Tiesto Club Life 2013! Araneta truly did transform into a club that night. 


DJ Martin Pulgar 


 DJ Tiger Lily


Opening acts were sonically tasteful as well, having resident club DJ and Republiq head DJ Martin Pulgar run his signature beats and mixes to start the party vibe. It was also down-right spectacular at how one of Australia’s top DJs( did I mention that she’s hot?), DJ Tiger Lily, was also part of the opening act! She dropped the beats that truly amped up the crowd right before DJ Tiesto came to take the stage. She began with beats creeping from an ample BPM ramping up to pulsating heavy drops that revved up the dancing!


And now DJ Tiesto takes his stand where he rightfully belongs! Sending beats and mixes that are truly worth to be know as one of the bests in the scene! I noticed a lot of mixed opinions regarding his set during the Tiesto Club Life 2013 concert. Mostly because he had mixes in his sets that drove a little away from his signature Trance mixes along with some new songs that he tranced-up and had his own house music tastes into.

In my own honest opinion, I found DJ Tiesto‘s set to be very versatile. I mean, he’s been in the scene for so long and keeping is up with his Trance music, him playing different EDM sub-genres and having a trance trend to new songs was very impressive. It shows how he can keep up and battle it out with new and currently famous DJs internationally if needed to. Long-time fans may have been surprised of him playing outside of his signature trance music, but that’s how music is. You diverge to new tastes and find new styles to keep the crowd going.



The stage was something spectacular. World Wide Womb, Ovation Productions, Driven Manila and Republiq Productions really did well for Tiesto Club Life 2013! They brought out an amazing stage and light show that was truly eye candy and pumping to the mixes! The screen was huge and had stimulating visualizers during every song. The lights were coordinated very very well accordingly that truly illuminated Araneta with sick light shows and thumping beats all throughout the Tiesto Club Life 2013!


The set lasted for around 2 hours and 30 long minutes! It was a very fulfilling and fun night! People dancing it out and singing their lungs out, it was one of the best party scenes that month for me, and I believe for others to! If you missed it, be sure to catch the next one from World Wide Womb, Ovation Productions, Driven Manila and Republiq Productions! Follow their Facebook pages to be up-to-date with concerts and events happening soon!


Photos of the event and some celebrities:

Tiesto_Club_Life201301Bubbles Paraiso






Tiesto_Club_Life201312Seph Cham

Tiesto_Club_Life201311Rico Robles

Tiesto_Club_Life201309Kimberly Yao and Dong Ronquillo

Tiesto_Club_Life201302David Guison


Tiesto_Club_Life201306Ehra Madrigal

Tiesto_Club_Life201307Fabio Ide

Tiesto_Club_Life201308Keri Zamora and San Juan Vice Mayor Francis Zamora



Tiesto Club Life 2013


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Tiesto Live in Manila is a World Wide Womb, Ovation Productions, Driven Manila and Republiq production.



Tiesto Club Life 2013: An amazing night fueled with music and dancing!


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