This Start Up Company Will Help You Declutter and Promote Sustainability – Here’s How

Written by April Fojas

Every year we start to see more and more of the negative effects us humans have left on our planet. There has been a 165% increase in solid waste, certain landfills will no longer be usable by 2037, and over 1 billion PHP is being spent to pick up trash. So why don’t we make this year (and the years to come) all about living more sustainably? Why don’t we start it out by decluttering our own homes and practicing circular living? Circular living allows us to extend the life and value of products. How? Humble is here to provide you with the answer, and it’s really simple!

Founders Humble Photo in Bali Purple

Humble is a start-up company created by Nina and Josef, two people obsessed with nature striving to make an impact in our country. They built their company to promote sustainability and circular living by collecting items that you’ve decluttered from your home and upcycling, recycling, or reusing them. People always tend to buy the new or “in thing” and a lot of the time we end up hoarding a lot of stuff because of this and it leads to a very cluttered and unsustainable lifestyle. Humble’s mission is to inspire us to live in a more circular economy.

Their vision? For everyone to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle where every item has a purpose.

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humble barrels

So how does Humble work exactly? Humble barrels will be placed in different areas where you will be able to put the items that you’ve decluttered from your homes. They will then collect these items and either upcycle, recycle, or reuse them. They accept electronics, clothes, office supplies, accessories, baby items, collectible toys, furniture, and books! These are often the objects that we hoard and leave lying around all over our homes making our lives very cluttered.

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You can either donate directly to these barrels which will be found at the different Ride Revolution branches in Shangri-La Plaza, Greenbelt 5, and Kerry Sports BGC. Or you can simply scan a code and their people can come to your home and pick up your items! Further information will also be announced during the project’s launch! So, if you’re planning to declutter your homes why not donate your items to Humble and be part of the effort to promote sustainable, circular living. Isn’t this a great idea? You get to declutter your own homes and instead of just throwing away your items (that often end up in landfills) you get to give these items a second chance and help clean up our planet too!

Want to know more about how you can help Humble achieve a more sustainable world? Say hello to the people who started it all at:

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No: 09458154896 (WhatsApp or SMS)
Ig: @humblesustainability
Fb: @humblesustainability