10 Locally-Made Products to Start Your Journey to Sustainability!

Words by Nadine Bufi

Photos by Lexi Aguila

With climate strikes at full swing and cutting words by influential individuals all over the world, now is as good a time as ever to act.

As a Filipino, there are many ways to lessen your carbon footprint and create a future of change. Here are 10 products that you can support and fund in order to start that journey towards sustainability! Naturale Market is a one-stop shop for all of these items and is located in Forbestown Rd, BGC.

10.  Sustainable Dog Treats (Barf.PH)

Dehydrated Beef (P4/gram), Deyhydrated Chicken (P2.8/gram), Dehydrated Pork Liver (P2.2/gram)

If humans only look for the best in their food, their dogs deserve the same. Give your dogs as much love and care whilst saving the Earth with these dried treats and snacks perfect for fur-babies.

9.  Smoothie Bowls (Bowl’d)

Smoothie Bowls start at P109

Skip the plastic packaging and unhealthy additives and instead reward yourself with a bowl-to-go. This snack is one good for your body and your leftovers won’t rot in a landfill.

8.  Cocoa Body Butter (Soapranos)

Cocoa Body Butter at P350

Slow down skin aging with Soaprano’s Cocoa Body Butter. They also have bar soaps, serums, and scrubs that will leave you smelling fresh and flowery!

7.  Kawayan Tumblers (Kawayan Mnl)

Tumblers at P1,100 each

Hydroflasks and Kleen Kanteen’s are a staple, but how about a kawayan tumbler? Stay hydrated in this heat but without that extra plastic waste.

6.  Crunchy Cacao Nibs (Farm to Folk)

Crunchy Cacao Nibs at P260 (250g) and P500 (500g)

Farm to Folk provides several flavorful food alternatives! This specific treat is good for snacking and chewing on the go, especially with its resealable package.

5.  Lotion Stick (Altr)

Lotion Stick (15g) for P120

A new way to apply lotion is through this stick. Keeping it portable and interesting, you can score one for under 200 pesos. Once you’ve purchased it, you don’t need to repurchase the packaging— just ask for a refill!

4.  Hand-Woven Shoes (Neotiv)

Prices (per pair) start at P950

Update your shoe collection whilst helping a local artist with Neotiv!  Each shoe is hand-woven from different tribes from different parts of the Philippines, made for people from different walks of life.

3.  Hydration Care Set (Wildleaf)

Hydration Care Set at P1890 (travel size) and P3390 (full size)

Keep your skincare in check with Wildleaf’s Hydration Care Set! This includes their Aloe Herb Face Wash, Alcohol Free Toning Mist, Vitamin C Serum and Herbal Facial Oil.

2.  Emu Oil (V&M Naturals)

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From pimples, acne scars, insect bites, hair fall, allergies to psoriasis, eczema, rashes, wounds and even burns, Emu Oil is a 100% natural oil that gently but effectively hydrates and regenerates the skin! . Here's what our clients have to say about Emu Oil: "Applied this twice a day on a really red eczema patch on the back of my hand and it cleared up in only two weeks! I didn't apply any other product or steroid cream on it so I know it's really just this wonderful oil doing the work! I use this on my face as well and it clears up and flattens pimples in 1-2 days. Glad I found this product and I'll surely make this a staple in my skin care routine." – Angel . "This works on almost any skin problem! I started using this because I have oily combination skin with really dry spots on my face. After a couple of days, voila. No dry spots and it just left my skin smooth and supple!" – Thea . "It’s an all-around oil. From lightening scars, calming my eczema flare-ups up to moisturizing my skin. I love it on my face too! I usually apply at nighttime before going to bed and voila! The next day, your face is softer and more supple. And a little goes a long way! This is definitely for keeps! Thanks, V&M" – Angelica Marie . Send us a DM to preorder and find out why this is a V&M cult-favorite! ? . #VNMNaturals #VNMModernConsciousBeauty

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Serums at P1,370 (30ml) and P1,770 (50ml)

If you’ve ever needed an all-in-one oil, give Emu Oil a shot! V&M also has a Formula Bar in-store where customers can concoct for their own individual skincare needs.

1.  Polymer Earrings (Kasireen)

Earrings start at P350

Stay stylish and quirky with these fun and vibrant jewelry pieces. All handmade and perfect for a unique look!

Create change within yourself and while supporting your fellow Filipinos!

All products are available at The Naturale Market, Burgos Circle, Forbestown BGC. 


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