This Mobile Service Will Groom Your Dogs Right at Your Doorstep!

Photography by Uela Altar

Taking your doggos (grown dogs) and puppers (puppies) to the groomer can be a bit of a hassle sometimes. Having to clean up fur on your car seats is the least of your problems (my dad isn’t a fan of fur on his auto upholstery), when those little floofballs or grown borkers (if they fit) just won’t stop misbehaving in the car.

And what if the groomer is a bit far away from your house?

A brilliant idea becomes a solution that addresses these inconveniences.

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BarkPark (1)
The BarkPark Grooming Truck with our photographer Uela’s Spotty.

Here’s BarkPark, a roaming grooming service by John Christopher Tria. They offer full grooming for your precious dogs with pricing that depends on the size and breed, ranging from 500 to 900 pesos.

Right. At. Your. Doorstep.

Marketed as the most convenient and safest way of dog grooming in the metro, is the service worth it? Absolutely!

I had my little floofball (shih tzu) and sausage doggo (Dachsund crossbreed) groomed and the results were fantastic! To my surprise, their in-house groomer handled my buddies with ease, especially as the little floofball is a bit of a wild child. The staff were very gentle with the doggos, plus they’d chat you up on possible problems that could warrant medication and a visit to the vet. This goes to show that not only do they deliver awesome service, but you know that they care more for your precious buddies. I wasn’t able to get photos of mine getting pampered, though, but I’ll have Uela’s doggo Spotty to demonstrate.

The grooming includes ear cleaning, nail trimming, a full wash, fur conditioning, and a haircut depending on your doggo’s needs or your preferences.

BarkPark (3)

BarkPark (4)

BarkPark (6)

BarkPark (2)

Here’s Spotty after a good half an hour of grooming.

BarkPark (5)

John’s roaming grooming service for them precious doggos currently relies mostly on word of mouth to attract potential clients. After having a bunch of doggos groomed by his team though, we’d give a hearty recommendation: this is definitely the most convenient grooming service currently available in Metro Manila.

You can visit their Facebook page ( to know more about their rates and promos.