READ: 5 Photography Tips To Help You Capture Your Pet’s Cuteness

Have you ever tried taking photos of your pets?

Given their playful and unpredictable nature, photographing pets is indeed a very challenging task . Blurred and out-of-focus shots are just some of the common problems that may arise when trying to snap pictures of them.

No worries, here are some tips that will help you to effectively capture your furry babies cuteness.

5. Don’t use flash.

As much as you would like to have a properly exposed photo, using flash startles pets causing them to become uneasy and scared. You wouldn’t want to capture the fear on your fur babies eyes, would you? That’s exactly why nothing beats going outside, using natural light and shooting on a well-lit area.

4. Put small pets on elevated platforms.

There’s actually a way to somehow eliminate a pet’s movement. If you’re trying to take photos of chihuahuas, shih tzus, pugs or any other small animal, try putting them on top of an elevated object. This way, the area is small enough for them to stay still, hence, the perfect opportunity for a photo.

3. Don’t call the pet’s name.

This one is a common mistake done by most pet parents. You see, when you call pets by their names, they will think that you want them to head to you. I mean, that’s what you’d think too, right, if someone keeps on calling your name over and over again.

Now, if you want to catch their attention, try using unusual sounds, treats or their favorite toys.

2. Let them play first.

Before taking photos, its best to let your pets play first.

Not only will they get to release all their energy, a tired and panting dog with his/her tongue out instantly looks happy.

1. Take shots in burst mode.

Photographing pets is all about capturing their quirky expressions and movements. And since these moments normally happen unexpectedly, shooting in burst mode will allow you to catch those split-second cuteness.


Hope you find these tips helpful the next time you try taking photos of your pets. Make sure you have fun and don’t forget to use #WhenInManilaPets!

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