Look, This Lip Gloss Is Made For Cat Lovers!

Remember that kitten fur scented fragrance spray?

Well, here’s another good news for feline lovers! It looks like your daily must-haves are all slowly turning into cat-themed products.

Felissimo, a retail shop in Japan, just released a lip gloss that promises to simulate the sensation of kissing a cat’s cold nose. Yup, you read that right! On top of that, the gloss also smells like sweet and powdery kitty milk for a complete experience.

cat lip gloss

Available in pink, orange and brown, you can purchase this cat nose-inspired lip gloss for about 1,300 yen. No worries, though! You can still order any of Felissimo’s products even if you’re outside Japan for about 11 dollars.

Aside from the lip gloss, the shop also offers other staples that all cat lovers will surely love! They have Cat Paw Smell Handcream and Cat Forehead Smell Fabric Water if you just can’t get enough of the distinct feline scent, to name a few.

Guess this is what the sentence “Cats rule!” mean. They rule over the hearts of cat-loving consumers.

Will you buy this cat nose-inspired lip gloss? Tell us in the comments.


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