WATCH: Here’s A Hilarious Compilation of Cats in Catnip

We all know that cats do some crazy stuff from time to time. From jumping around randomly, chasing lights and shadows to suddenly running towards something for no apparent reason.

The question is – have you seen a cat on catnip? Not yet?  No worries. Here’s a compilation of photos and videos that will show us a new level of cray that will make these feline fur babies more adorable and irresistible than they already are.

Talk about being so effortlessly adorable while chilling.

Fret not guys, catnips are non-addictive and perfectly safe for your feline friend. Cats simply exhibit behaviors common to female felines in season or in heat when they smell one. However, response to catnip is hereditary so if your kitty did not get the genes, it might not have an effect on him or her.

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