This Is Lea Salonga’s Candid Opinion On The Live-Action ‘Aladdin’ Remake

The live-action remake of beloved Disney classic Aladdin has been involved in slight controversy ever since it was announced. It begged audiences to ask whether a live-action version was really necessary for the magical animation. Its success at the box office says one thing, while critics are saying another thing. But one opinion we’ve been dying to know is that of the original cast themselves.

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Lea Salonga, who famously originated the singing voice of Jasmine, has given her two cents on the subject. She first posted on her Facebook page why she believes the movie, regardless of whether it is good or not, is important:

For all that’s been said about the new live action Aladdin, even without seeing the movie, my takeaway is thus: a movie set in a fictional city in the Middle East starring all shades of brown people and making beaucoup bucks at the box office can only be a good thing. If this aids in changing the way we as outsiders view this part of the world and people from there, it will all have been worth it.

She then went on Twitter to express her clear approval of Naomi Scott’s portrayal of the fierce princess:

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I think both statements are proof enough that Lea supports the venture into adapting this childhood favorite. Her tweet practically gives glowing reviews of both the cast and creative team! That’s not to say her opinion is more important than anyone else’s, but it is good to know the OG Jasmine has no complaints about this remake.

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