LOOK: Lea Salonga Reacts to Comparisons with Captain Marvel

Just in case there is anyone reading this who still hasn’t caught Avengers: Endgame, here is the tiniest spoiler we can give: Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers) gets a cool new haircut. Although it was no big reveal and certainly didn’t have any deeper meaning, audiences were still audibly shocked when she appeared on screen with the much shorter ‘do. 

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It seems that people were so affected by this change not just because of how great it looks on Brie Larson, but also because it brought another familiar figure to mind. Audiences were generally in agreement that it felt like watching Lea Salonga on screen! 

lea salonga captain marvel

While people were mostly great at keeping spoilers to themselves, the Captain Marvel-Lea Salonga memes quickly became an inside joke to those who’d seen the movie. It got the point that even Salonga herself became aware of the comparison. She gamely accepted it and even said she was flattered: 

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One Twitter user went the extra mile and showed how it wasn’t only Lea bearing striking similarities to the Avengers. He remarked how Hawkeye (Clint Barton) and Nick Fury also held resemblances with certain coaches from The Voice PH. 

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Do you think they look alike?