This IG-Worthy Alfresco Garden Restaurant Offers a Fresh Dining Experience

These days, finding a great al fresco restaurant with amazing food and a relaxing vibe is such a delight. If you’re searching for a new alfresco restaurant to visit that the whole family can enjoy, you might want to take a drive up to Antipolo and check out Miguel’s Garden Cafe.

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Miguel’s Garden Cafe just opened in August 2021 and it has instantly become a hit in the city because of the chill vibes, IG-worthy spaces, and delicious food.

The restaurant is nestled in a massive lot of land which allows lots and lots of space that’s more than enough for everyone. There are lots of tables outside where you can enjoy the breeze and the shade under the many trees.

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If you choose to sit inside the open restaurant one-story building, the area is also designed that it gets just as much fresh air as the outside. Plus, with the colorful wall murals painted by local artists and the many lush plants scattered around, it’s such a lively and vibrant space. There are lots of colorful Instagrammable spaces for your OOTD!

While the IG-worthy interiors and exteriors of Miguel’s Garden Cafe are more than enough reason to visit, their huge menu with savory dishes will make you come back again and again.

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Miguel’s is actually a new restaurant from the same group that gave us Ineng’s Special BBQ and Santiago Filipino Restaurant. So, you can expect that the food is exquisite.

Ineng’s and Santiago may both be known for Filipino cuisine, Miguel’s is where you can enjoy their delicious Western menu. Their menu highlights are the pizza, pasta, and chicken dishes.

Fresh and Flavorful Dishes

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For the pizzas, you have to try the bestselling Miguel’s Freshly Picked Garden Pizza. They aren’t exaggerating about “freshly picked” because the vegetables on this pizza come straight from their partner farm in Laguna. You can taste the freshness.

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They also have a new item on the menu: the Gourmet Tuyo Pizza which offers a delicious balance of salty fish, sweet and tangy sauce, and a savory handcrafted crust.

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The pasta dishes are also as fresh as can be. The delicious Pasta Puttanesca’s red sauce is made from fresh tomatoes, also from their partner farm. Looking for creamy pasta? Try the flavorful Shrimp Alfredo.

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As someone who loves fried chicken, their chicken dishes are also exceptional. The Garlic Parmesan Chicken Tenders are so perfectly seasoned that we can’t stop eating them.

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Their flavored wings, such as the Classic Buffalo and Soy Garlic, are must-tries as well.

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For appetizers, the Mozzarella Sticks is their bestseller—pretty obvious with that cheese pull.

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Another exciting dish to try is the Miguel’s Franks with Chili Con Carne which features a sausage sandwich overloaded with flavorful chili con carne and fries. They even make their own sausages at Ineng’s commissary!

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To match the cold weather in Antipolo, Miguel’s also offers original Hot Tsokolate Batirol recipes. Try the Tsoko Mani for that nostalgic Choc-nut taste.

A Place For The Whole Family

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Aside from the IG-worthy spaces, and amazing food offered by Miguel’s, we truly enjoyed the relaxing vibe of the whole place. Once the sun sets, lots of hanging lights illuminate the whole garden. It becomes such a romantic space with the cool Antipolo breeze, ambient music, and soft lights.

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It’s a great spot for reunions and get-togethers, especially since the alfresco restaurant accepts customers of all ages. They even welcome pets with open arms!

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Fun fact, Miguel’s is named after “Ineng’s” and “Santiago’s” baby boy! You might even see the bubbly Baby Miguel roaming around, cheerily greeting customers, and playing with customers’ pets when you visit.

Miguel’s Garden Cafe is a great place for all—great ambiance, alfresco dining, excellent food, fresh air, and IG-worthy spaces in one restaurant! Miguel’s Garden Cafe just might be your newest go-to food spot in Rizal.

PS. They also have branches in Mabitac, Laguna and Katipunan, Quezon City.

Miguel’s Garden Cafe

Sitio Hopeville, Sumulong Hwy, Antipolo, Rizal

Kota Paradiso, Manila E Rd, Mabitac, Laguna
196 Katipunan Ave, Project 4, Quezon City


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