12 Charming Roadside Cafes to Visit Around Metro Manila

While we’ve had to say goodbye to a lot of well-loved restaurants since last year, we’ve also had the opportunity to welcome a lot of new business ventures in the Metro. One trend that we’ve (happily!) seen is the rise of small roadside cafes that allow customers to either grab their coffee and go, or drink their coffee al fresco style right in front of the shop.

These roadside cafes blend the minimalist vibe of our beloved coffee shops with the traditional Pinoy sari-sari store—an instant business created with just a house’s open window.

This new trend of cafes definitely offers a whole new coffee run experience which is perfect if you love the outdoors. Plus, with just a stylish window and a few chairs at these cafes, you can’t help but truly focus on the great coffee you have in your hands.

If you want to experience these charming roadside cafes for yourself, here are a few that you can visit in Metro Manila:

12. Ahon Cafe


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Ahon Cafe is one of the coffee spots in Quezon City that’s frequented by many bikers thanks to its accessible location. This roadside cafe pops up in a quiet residential area, with the alfresco dining area comprised of wooden chairs and tables scattered by the side of the road. Aside from its biker-friendly and pedestrian-friendly spot, the wide variety of breakfast meals on the menu is also one of the reasons why Ahon Cafe is a neighborhood favorite.

Some of their menu items include the Tapa and Garlic Longganisa Rice Bowls, the Truffle Cream Pasta, and a variety of Croissants. You might even catch their special bagels on your visit!

Find Ahon Cafe at Calamba St., cor. Bulusan St., Quezon City.

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11. The Ugly Mug Cafe


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The Ugly Mug Cafe in Mandaluyong truly owns the modern sari-sari store vibe with their roadside coffee shop. With just a massive window, a small countertop space, and a few stools, this is easily a neighborhood favorite especially for people who are always on the go.

Regular customers have also raved about the must-try croffles (croissant waffles) that are perfect to pair with their coffee.

Find The Ugly Mug Cafe at 36 J Fabella St., Brgy. Mauway, Mandaluyong City.

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10. Burnt MNL


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A visit to Burnt MNL feels like going to your neighbor’s house for a cup of coffee, except with more options and a great food menu. Burnt MNL offers such a homey atmosphere with its stylish yet laid-back exterior. It’s also located in a residential area, adding to the homestyle vibe. They also provide a few chairs in full view of the kitchen, plus a few other small tables and chairs.

Aside from great coffee, they have must-try pasta, sandwiches, and cookies on the menu, too! Burnt MNL also offers a coffee cart for intimate events—perfect for holiday celebrations.

Find Burnt MNL at 135 Livelihood St., Talanay Area C, Batasan Hills, Quezon City.

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9. Cocol Coffee & Tea


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Cocol Coffee & Tea stands out in the street because of its eye-catching white & wood exteriors. They have two branches in Marikina, with one of them being purely an alfresco cafe, while the other offers a small airconditioned space with gorgeous rattan furniture that will make you feel like you’re in a tropical paradise. You’ll definitely enjoy taking IG-worthy selfies at this stylish roadside cafe.

You can also enjoy non-coffee drinks at Cocol such as their Oreo Cheesecake Milk Tea and Strawberry Au Lait. Their drinks are great to enjoy with Cocol’s Garlic Cream Cheese Bread and Burnt Cheesecake, too.

Find Cocol Coffee & Tea at 18 Parnaso St. Parang, Marikina City and at 8 Balubad St. Nangka, Marikina City.

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8. d’expresso

D’expresso’s location in Quezon City offers both an awesome combination of great coffee and mouthwatering ramen from their neighboring food stall. Their QC branch also features a shack-inspired stall that will make you feel like you’re on a vacation beachside.

Their Marikina branch is a more straightforward roadside cafe with just a stylish window that’s perfect for coffee-to-go.

Find d’expresso at 8 Scarlet St., Brgy. Concepcion Dos, Marikina City and 20 Bignay St., Project 2, Quezon City.

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7. Inarawan


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Inarawan is one of the pioneer roadside cafes in the Metro. The cafe offers a nature-inspired alfresco dining area that beautifully contrasts the concrete buildings and asphalt roads around it.

Inarawan instantly became a crowd-favorite, not just to Marikina-dwellers, but even for those who hail from neighboring cities. It offers an easy refreshing escape to a lot of people who had no choice but to be stuck at home. Of course, their local coffee from Batangas is always worth the visit.

Find Inarawan at 2 Sampaguita St., San Isidro II, Concepcion Uno, Marikina City and 2 Countryside Drive, Vista Verde Country Homes, Brgy. Sto Domingo Cainta, Rizal.

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6. Papakape


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Papakape is one of the roadside cafes with a more sophisticated vibe. That’s thanks to the small glasshouse that serves that their kitchen! Customers can enjoy their choice of coffee sitting on the benches provided, where they’ll also be surrounded by lush plants and other greenery. It’s such an intimate space that’s perfect for one-on-one moments with an amazing cup of coffee.

Aside from the gorgeous space, their signature drinks make Papakape worth the visit. The limited-time Holiday Menu includes their Bibingkaccino and Peppermint Macchiato, while some of their must-try mainstay drinks include the Kape Gingerccino and the Fruity Iced Salabat.

Find Papakape at 5641 Ampere St. Palanan Makati.

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5. 8065 Coffee Shop

8065 Coffee Shop in Makati gives off the vintage vibe of old Filipino houses in Manila because of its design. Getting your coffee from this roadside cafe will make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time.

What sets this roadside cafe apart is that its indoor dining area has been transformed into a performance space, so you can probably catch a few live gigs every now and then while you sip your coffee in their alfresco area.

Find 8065 Coffee Shop at St. Paul Rd., San Antonio, Makati City.

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4. Agos Cafe

Agos Cafe offers not just a view of a residential neighborhood, nor of trees and wild plants. This roadside cafe allows you to peacefully watch the Marikina River flowing right in front of you—hence, the name!

The pop-up coffee spot also provides a quick escape for many bikers who include the Marikina riverbanks as part of their route. This roadside—well, riverside—cafe definitely offers a different kind of peaceful ambiance for any coffee drinker.

Find Agos Cafe at Marikina River Park, Marikina City.

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3. Coffee ArTea


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Coffee ArTea is a cute roadside cafe that combines great coffee and amazing art. The small-scale coffee shop also features a mini art gallery beside it. Of course, the coffee shop shed is already stylish in itself, reminiscent of a tiny European street cafe, but the artworks displayed are another reason why this spot is worthy of a visit (or two).

The cafe offers a couple of stools out on the street, but you can also enjoy your drink among the artworks on display. You should definitely add this artsy cafe to your next Poblacion Food Crawl!

Find Coffee ArTea at 5966 Fermina Street corner Alfonso Street, Barangay Poblacion, Makati City.

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2. Kopi creations


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This roadside cafe stands proudly on its very own street corner. Kopi creations will definitely draw your eyes to its stylish white & wood outdoor look. While the IG-worthy shack-like coffee shop easily catches your interest, it’s their wide variety of drinks that will surely bring you back over and over.

They’ve got the staple iced coffee, lattes, and brews, but they also offer must-try blended drinks such as the limited edition Pumpkin Spice Latte and the holiday-themed Peppermint Mocha. If you’re craving these iconic drinks, choose to support this local coffee shop!

Find Kopi creations at Tulip St. Novaliches, Quezon City.

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1. Kohi Mkt


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This modest Japanese-inspired coffee shop is worth the search. Their amazing kori kohi is enough to make you excited, but pair that with their savory Hottu Doggu (ie. Japanese sausage sandwich with bonito flakes and seaweed powder) and you’ve probably got a new favorite coffee spot.

Kohi Mkt serves its food and drinks from an edgy all-black store tucked in a residential area. Their exquisite Japanese-inspired menu and coffee drinks make this roadside cafe a worthy addition to your must-try coffee shops in Manila.

Find Kohi Mkt at 1147 Antipolo Street, Brgy Valenzuela, Poblacion, Makati City.

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Do you know other roadside cafes in Metro Manila that should be on this list? Share it with us!

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