This Short Film Takes Us Behind the Scenes at a Mom’s Noche Buena

Christmas is coming up and we’re all looking forward to noche buena: opening gifts, seeing our favorite cousins, and of course, the food. It’s that one night a year when we can truly indulge and not feel guilty. It’s a festive time for sure, but not for mothers who have to prepare everything.

Just how stressful is noche buena for mom? Watch this hilarious and touching video we found on YouTube below:

Moms across the Philippines face the struggle of the perfect Christmas. They have to prepare everything, from setting up the Christmas decor to preparing the noche buena menu, and buying and wrapping gifts. It can be a tiring and stressful experience, but every mom continues to work hard to create an unforgettable night.

Thankfully, the most popular Christmas dish is easy to prepare. It uses a simple recipe with little ingredients, so moms can at least have one less thing to worry about. But whatever disaster happens on Christmas, it won’t matter because we’re with our family and we have our mom’s love.

And isn’t that the goal of Christmas? For everyone to have fun and be loved?

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