WATCH: This Couple’s Ukulele Cover of Grow Old Will You Will Make You Believe In True Love!

A married couple’s ukulele cover of “Grow Old With You” went viral last week, and for all the good reasons.

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The lovers, Lilibeth and Roberto Garcia, met each other back in fifth grade, at a radio singing contest on Bombo Radyo Cauayan. During their college freshmen days in 1976, Lilibeth finally agreed to be Roberto’s girlfriend. Seven years later, they got married at the age of twenty three. What a love story!

The adorable couple also gave a few tips on how to keep a marriage healthy. Lilibeth shared:

“When he [Roberto] talks, I listen. Kasi if I answer back, I will never win. He stops talking when I keep quiet kasi wala naman siyang kaaway, oh diba? Hehe. Saying ‘I love you’ everyday is very important. It’s a daily affirmation. I pray for him, and he prays for me. We pray together. Mahirap, kaya nga [our marriage stays healthy] only by the grace of God.”

Watch their ukulele cover below. If this doesn’t make you believe in true love, I don’t know what will! 😛

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